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Our commitment to LVBCH members
Express Scripts is a proud partner of the LVBCH, providing pharmacy benefit services to area schools, manufacturing, utilities, local government, technology and more. Through our partnership, we strive to lower costs for you and your members while ensuring access to high-quality care. We tailor our services and solutions for our clients and partners, exposing opportunities in pharmacy, medical and beyond to create better health for all.

A closer look at the coalition numbers

<7% <7%
Lower plan cost than peer employers in the Northeast
100% 100%
Rebates returned to Clients
<6% <6%
Lower trend in pharmacy spend than peers

What our partnership brings to the table

Experienced Partner
We're leading the way in pharmacy care, specialty pharmacy, data services and clinical, medical and supply chain management. Our commitment to a simpler, more sustainable health care system starts with an unwavering focus on who we serve. We listen to and anticipate each and every challenge and deliver solutions that meet every individual need.
Flexibility Built In
We partner with clients and build plans to address their unique vision -- while aligning to meet their goals and objectives. Our partnership with the LVBCH provides members with flexibility to implement pharmacy and overall healthcare programs that align to their priorities through a competitively priced arrangement.
Designated LVBCH Account Team
LVBCH members have direct access to a core account team which consists of experienced health care professionals, all of whom strive to understand your specific needs, bringing their tenured knowledge to support complex plans and respond quickly to your changing needs.
Therapeutic Resource Centers
At the heart of our condition-specific approach to care are Therapeutic Resource Centers, pharmacy practices that specialize in caring for patients with the most complex and costly conditions. These centers cover cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, depression, and many rare and specialty conditions. Therapeutic Resource Centers are designed to optimize the safe and appropriate dispensing of therapeutic agents, minimize waste, and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Tailored pharmacy solutions with LVBCH members in mind

Managing Specialty
As experts in managing specialty drug costs, Express Scripts and Accredo outperform other pharmacies with nearly 2% lower year-over-year trend.
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SaveOnSP utilizes plan-design changes to identify select drugs as non-essential health benefits, enabling maximum savings and reducing plan and member costs. 

Plumbing Pipe Fitting

Helping your members experience better medication adherence, higher therapy completion rates and greater compliance with clinical guidelines – all while mitigating financial risk.

Retail pharmacy
Retail 90
Express Scripts offers a range of network and advanced home delivery options to provide plans with flexibility to influence the member experience and increase use of lower-cost, convenient 90-day supplies for maintenance medications.
Embarc Benefit Protection
Bringing together the health services, medical benefit management and specialty pharmacy expertise of eviCore, Accredo, CuraScript SD, and Express Scripts to make breakthrough medicines more affordable and ensure access for those who need it.
Digital Health Formulary
A clinically based, expertly evaluated platform of digital health solutions to address your plan’s most pressing challenges.

Meet the Team

George Pittas, Vice President, Sales
With more than 28 years in the pharmacy benefit management industry and 24 years with Express Scripts, George draws upon a wealth of experience to help prospects and benefit advisors achieve their financial and member health goals. Over the years, George has developed very strong relationships with employer groups and benefit advisors in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. He has consistently been rated a “Top Producer” during his tenure.
Jim Lindquist, Senior Account Executive, Commercial Division
Jim joined Express Scripts in 2005 as an underwriter, and prior to joining, Jim was a financial analyst with HealthPartners. With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Jim is an experienced advisor at Express Scripts. Jim firmly believes in partnering with his clients to reach their goals.
Shannon Meuswissen, Senior Director, Account Management
With more than 25 years in the pharmacy benefit management, all with Express Scripts, Shannon brings experience in service delivery, operations, client satisfaction and retention, while leading teams of Account Management professionals in several different market segments, most recently specializing in the coalition market. Over the years, Shannon has lead high performing teams bringing clients strong contractual, pricing, and savings strategies leading to high rates of client retention.
John Cook
John Cook, Senior Account Manager, Commercial Division
John joined Express Scripts in 2003 as an Advocate Support Center team lead. He spent time in both quality analyst and business analyst roles before becoming an account manager in 2011. John’s wide range of experience uniquely qualifies him to provide superior service as an account manager. Working in various positions within Express Scripts has allowed John to interact closely with clients. The knowledge and perspective he has gained in these roles make him particularly adept at anticipating client and member needs.
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