Partnering to build a better future with the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition

The St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition and Express Scripts
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Our Commitment to the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition
Express Scripts has been a proud partner of the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition for 17 years, providing pharmacy benefit services to area schools, manufacturing, utilities, local government, technology and more. Through our partnership, we strive to lower costs for you and your members while ensuring access to high-quality care. We tailor our services and solutions for our clients and partners, exposing opportunities in pharmacy, medical and beyond to create better health for all.

A closer look at STLBHC by the numbers

300k+ 300k+
Members served across the coalition nationwide
$9M+ $9M+
SaveonSP savings in 2020
-1.6% -1.6%
Non-specialty plan cost net trend in 2020
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Clinically Speaking Series

What our partnership brings to the table

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Designated STLBHC Account Team
STLBHC members have direct access to a core account team which consists of experienced health care professionals, all of whom understand specific needs and bring their tenured knowledge to support complex plans and respond quickly to your changing needs.
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Therapeutic Resource Centers
At the heart of our condition-specific approach to care are Therapeutic Resource Centers, pharmacy practices that specialize in caring for patients with the most complex and costly conditions. These centers cover cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, depression, and many rare and specialty conditions. Therapeutic Resource Centers are designed to optimize the safe and appropriate dispensing of therapeutic agents, minimize waste, and improve clinical and financial outcomes.
Experienced Partner
We're leading the way in pharmacy care, specialty pharmacy, data services and clinical, medical and supply chain management. Our commitment to a simpler, more sustainable health care system starts with an unwavering focus on who we serve. We listen to and anticipate each and every challenge and deliver solutions that meet every individual need.
Flexibility Built In
We partner with our members and their advisors where members have ownership over their plan design and clinical programs. Our partnership with the STLBHC provides our members with flexibility to implement programs that align to their priorities through a competitively priced arrangement.

Tailored pharmacy solutions with the STLBHC in mind

Health Connect 360
Health Connect 360
Health Connect 360 offers an in-depth view across the health care continuum, facilitating total care coordination while lowering costs and improving outcomes.
Health Care Personalization Trend
Digital Health Formulary
A clinically based, expertly evaluated platform of digital health solutions to address your plan’s most pressing challenges.
Better care at a lower cost for patients and payers.
A man in a lab coat points to a board.
Specialty copay assistance program that can put your members' minds at ease.
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An innovative solution to bring affordability to life-changing therapies for patients.
Person holding a baby
FamilyPath offers hopeful parents comprehensive benefits for a safer and more affordable journey to parenthood.
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Check in to see what's going on with the STLBHC