Partnering with publicly-funded plans to optimize spend and drive out waste

Today's health care system is complex. With our deep understanding and commitment to publicly-funded plans, our service model is designed around you and your members. We help you provide highly valued member benefits, while maximizing tax payer dollars and driving out waste. Let us be your trusted partner to help you respond to today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities.
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Let's get to know each other

Our team looks forward to getting to know you. Learn a little bit about a few of the individuals responsible for serving our publicly-funded plans. Be sure to check back to meet more team members throughout the year!
Amy Daily
Amy Daily | Senior Account Executive, Public Sector

"I use innovative thinking to keep fresh ideas in front of my clients."

Amy joined Express Scripts in 2000 as an account coordinator. Since that time, she has continually moved up the account management ladder, reaching her current position in 2010. During her tenure with Express Scripts, Amy has supported, managed, and overseen a variety of high-profile public sector accounts, enabling her to understand the unique needs and financial restraints unique to this market segment.

Roger Holland | Vice President, Sales, Public Sector

"The value I deliver reflects a fresh perspective with customized solutions founded on decades of experience."

Roger joined Express Scripts in 1990 and has more than 35 years experience in the healthcare industry. He began his healthcare career in group health insurance, then moved into the fledgling PBM industry in 1988.  Although public sector has always been a focus, for the past 18 years Roger has had responsibility exclusively for public sector sales. 

Learn more about our expertise and capabilities around behavioral health, and how we're enabling employers to support their members.

Advancing mental health with a behavioral health care solution that complements any existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) or wellness initiatives with medication-focused treatments to create a holistic approach to mental health care.
America's State of Mind
America's State of Mind
Our research report examines use of medications to treat three of the most common mental health conditions: depression, anxiety and insomnia; provides early insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on America’s mental health.

Learn more about our expertise and capabilities around fertility and family planning, and how we're enabling employers to support their members.

By 2025, 10 million couples will have trouble starting a family. FamilyPath is raising the bar for fertility health by providing more comprehensive, more flexible coverage and proactive care for growing families.
Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning
Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning
While some have predicted a baby bust, our survey of 2,000 women between ages 25-45 with employer-sponsored benefits found that most respondents who maintained health insurance also maintained their goals to build families.
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Kajaal Patel, RPH
Director, Evernorth
For some, the decision to start a family is one of the most important and impactful decisions that they will make in their lives. And encountering challenges when starting a family can have substantial ramifications on a member’s mental, physical and financial health. Plan sponsors have the unique opportunity to support their members during a time of personal crisis by putting the tools and benefits in place to be by their side every step of the way.
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This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to share more ideas around how we can work together to improve health care together. We hope you've found our insights on behavioral health and fertility and family planning of interest.

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