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We are strong supporters of your mission to reimagine financial services for all, and understand the importance of innovation to achieve your goals. From where you sit, you probably realize that health care is more complicated than it needs to be. As a strategic health services partner committed to making health care more affordable, predictable and simple, we would be honored to serve you and your participants.
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Marisa Lin
Marisa Lin
Vice President, Sales
I am looking forward to getting to know the PayPal team and connecting on how we may be able to support your business. We understand that you need more than a vendor to service your claims. You need a strategic and proactive health services partner who can take on your toughest health care challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability to help you plan for the future. We want to be your trusted partner to take great care of your team, your members and their families for years to come.
Thank you for taking the time to explore how we can partner to support your goals.

PayPal Capabilities Documents

Thank you for taking the time to explore how we can partner to support your goals.

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Implementation Timeline
Strategic Planning & Review Consultation

A team designed around the unique needs of health systems and aligned to their goals

At Express Scripts, our account management teams are not only focused on pharmacy but how it intertwines with all parts of your business and will be your in-house experts to keep you apprised of industry developments and work to make strategic recommendations.
Gloria Tourville
Gloria Tourville
Sr. Account Executive, Commercial Division
Jennifer Griffin
Jennifer Griffin
Senior Account Manager, Commercial Division
Cherrelle Riley
Cherrelle O. Riley
Senior Implementation Manager, Sales and Account Management Organization
Melisa Spicer
Melisa Spicer, Pharm.D.
Director, Clinical Strategy and Services
Lisa Suwalski
Lisa Suwalski, BS, RPh
Senior Clinical Account Executive, Commercial Division

Our reality: Health can't wait

The stakes are too high. The need for more affordability, predictability and simplicity in health care is too great. Our reality is that health can't wait. We are solving the problems others don't, won't or can't in order to deliver flexible solutions that enable better clinical and financial results and elevate health for all.
14% 14%
Patients with 1-2 chronic conditions and highly fragmented care are 14% more likely to be hospitalized
60% 60%
Individuals with unmet social needs are more likely to have chronic conditions, including a 60% greater prevalence of diabetes
48% 48%
Specialty drug spend makes up nearly 48% of pharmacy costs, and is expected to increase over the next 4 years
94% 94%
94% of providers lack easy access to medical information due to different EMR systems

Our latest innovations

As a forward-thinking organization, I thought a snapshot of the innovations and sneak peek of The Lab, where innovation comes to life, may be of interest to you. Many of our solutions started as pilots in collaboration with our clients. Just imagine what we could do next - together with PayPal.
Blue and black icon of a microscope.
Explore The lab
The Lab is a collaborative space where we innovate and ideate with clients to develop solutions that improve care and reduce costs.
Black and blue icon of a rocket ship taking off.
Innovation to transform health care
Almost every aspect of health care is undergoing a fundamental shift, especially with the emergence of new technologies.
Black and blue icon of a tablet featuring a variety of graphs and data.
Navigating digital health
As more U.S. consumers and health care providers demand and adopt digital health applications, health benefits leaders are challenged with where and how to invest.

Fertility and family planning

COVID-19 changed our lives and challenged us in ways we've never expected. As a trusted health care partner to plan sponsors, we sought to understand how the pandemic has impacted women's attitudes and behaviors around family planning – as well as assess the need for related benefits. While some have predicted a baby bust, our survey of 2,000 women between ages 25-45 with employer-sponsored benefits found that most respondents who maintained health insurance also maintained their goals to build families.
75% 75%
of women report interest in additional fertility benefits from their insurance plan or employer1
34% 34%
of respondents would change jobs, or encourage their partner to do so, for pregnancy, fertility and adoption coverage1
24% 24%
of employers and health plans say they currently offer fertility coverage to members and employees2

Taking on your toughest challenges

In 2020, we saved clients $45 billion through our clinical solutions. Our programs are designed to bring plan sponsors the promise of simplicity, predictability and above all, affordability. See information below on several of the solutions that may be of interest for your plan.
SaveonSP allows clients to maximize copay assistance from manufacturers, resulting in savings for clients and patients.
The SaveonSP program leverages the Affordable Care Act state benchmark requirements to reclassify certain specialty medications under the category of non-essential health benefits.
Black and orange icon of a shield with a cross in the center.
By the year 2030, 80 million Americans will have three or more chronic conditions.
SafeGuardRx covers 11 chronic and specialty conditions and deploys patient engagement tools and cost-containment strategies, to protect you from health care’s biggest budgetary threats.
Black and orange icon of six dots connected in a circle around a seventh dot.
The best way to keep an entire workforce healthy is through prevention.
Health Connect 360® is a clinical management model designed to keep healthy people healthy while enabling people living with chronic conditions to receive personalized clinical care support customized for their unique situation.
Elevating health means reimagining how we partner. With open collaboration and unbiased guidance, we strive to deliver flexible, focused solutions under our new health services brand and portfolio.

Express Scripts is now part of Evernorth

Evernorth solutions

Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM
Gene therapy has the potential to change lives, but even a single treatment can cost millions of dollars. Embarc Benefit Protection shields members from these high costs, so that people who need treatment can get it.
Healthy Ways to Work
In a world dramatically changed by COVID-19, we’re helping our partners and their employees navigate new realities. Explore agile solutions focused on helping people return to a healthy, safe, and productive workplace.
By 2025, 10 million couples will have trouble starting a family. FamilyPath is raising the bar for fertility health by providing more comprehensive, more flexible coverage and proactive care for growing families.
Advancing mental health with a behavioral health care solution that complements any existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) or wellness initiatives with medication-focused treatments to create a holistic approach to mental health care.
Digital Health Formulary
With more than 200 new digital health solutions each day, navigating the digital health landscape is confusing, costly and time-consuming. The Digital Health Formulary helps you manage the fast-growing world of digital health.

Helpful resources to manage your plan

Explore the latest content and tools focused on helping you navigate changes in the dynamic health care industry.
Employer guide
A guide to investing in better health benefits
COVID-19 has accelerated the gaps in our fragmented health care system. To help employers, we partnered with Quartz to create a guide on offering personalized and data-driven solutions to employees.
Bloomberg infographic
Health care needs a makeover
From reducing cost and complexity to increasing quality, connected care offers tremendous potential for the U.S. health care system. We partnered with Bloomberg to illustrate the possibilities connecting health care creates.
COVID Vaccine Series
COVID-19 vaccine video series
Join John Wigneswaran, MD, Vice President and General Manager as we make sense of clinical issues affecting businesses, starting with rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.
Bloomberg video
A solution for life-threatening medical errors
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but connecting health care to give physicians a 180-degree view of the patient can prevent many of these mistakes.
Health Care in Focus
COVID-19 has challenged our health care system like no other. But we're always looking ahead, identifying ways to redefine what's possible. We polled consumers and plan sponsors across the U.S. to assess the state of health care in the years ahead.
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Evernorth insights: Health Care in Focus

Evernorth insights: Drug Trend Report

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we worked together with clients to solve urgent and emerging needs with innovation, agility and focus while delivering results. See a snapshot of what we were able to help our clients achieve.
Held unit cost increases to 0.9%
For the fourth year in a row, we limited the increase in drug unit costs to under 1%, despite an average increase of 4.3% in list prices for brand drugs, by leveraging therapeutic mix and supply chain.
Delivered $45 million in savings
Leveraging innovative clinical programs and leveraging data to inform key decisions, we realized significant savings for our clients in 2020.
Getting ahead of the growth in specialty
For the first time, spending on specialty drugs accounted for more than half of total drug spend (51%). Our solutions and capabilities helped our clients stay ahead of this growth.
Negative trend for 1/3 of our commercial clients plans
Even in 2020, one trend held. For plans that took advantage of opportunities to help patients use the right drug – in the right amount and from the right pharmacy – the result was lower spending.
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