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Thought leadership corner

We are proud to continue our thought leadership series. Read our featured reports below:
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UPDATED - The Value of Integration
Employers are weighing their options for medical and pharmacy benefits as they try to reduce costs and improve care for their members. Some are carving out pharmacy benefits from medical benefits, assuming that it will provide more savings and flexibility. However, evidence clearly shows that an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit substantially reduces total cost of care and improves member health in comparison to a carve-out approach.
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Building a Winning Pharmacy Go-To-Market Team
Whether you serve two million people or 20,000, staffing the pharmacy go-to-market team with true expertise to ensure pharmacy is part of the broader market message and unique value proposition is critical. You have a great story to tell, with evidence clearly showing an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit substantially reduces total cost of care and improves member health in comparison to a carve-out approach. It’s time to fully realize the potential of that story by dedicating focus to developing or refining your organization.

Elevate 2020 video library

2020 was our first ever all-virtual event, so all of the encore content is available below to view on demand.
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Elevate 2020: Expectations for the upcoming year
Tim Harlan kicks off Elevate 2020 with a look back at the unbelievable changes we have all gone through since Elevate 2019. Tim also provides an update on the gap analysis scores and what opportunities plans have, setting the stage for the rest of Elevate and our top priorities moving forward.
Chaos Zen
Getting you from chaos to zen: RFP best practices
The current process to get an RFP out the door successfully can be chaos. Kathy Moreland and pharmacy RFP expert Julie Steffel explain our new process and plans in order to help alleviate this chaos and showcase the power of pharmacy in your RFPs.
Dollars and sense: the evolution of pricing optics
Pricing deals are never black and white. New optics are always changing the way deals need to be tweaked to ensure your plan is not losing opportunities due to seemingly insignificant details. Brian Old takes you through the top five pricing optics we are seeing in the market today and how you can address these in your offers, as well as the critical importance of utilizing the competitive deal database.
Matching perception to reality: building a winning pharmacy go-to-market team
Chris Hespe takes a deep dive into health plan organizations and why they are currently not set up to translate pharmacy excellence into the market, and more importantly, what plans can do to correct this.
Going beyond numbers: the value of actionable insights
Janice Grochal leads a discussion with two data experts to unpack how plans can leverage their vast pharmacy data and turn it into meaningful actionable insights for both clients and prospects.
Un-leveling the playing field: utilizing simple strategic marketing
Corey Graves walks through Marketing’s role at each critical point of the sales and client management cycle.
Reading between the lines: what brokers are really saying
Guest speaker Nick Chini, from Bainbridge Consulting, walks through the findings of their “voice of the customer” research with brokers across the nation, and then Adam Bredesen digs into these quotes to find out what is really being said, and what you can do about it.
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Elevate 2020: live finale
Elevate concludes with a live broadcast, including an interactive panel among brokers and Express Scripts leaders with a follow-up interactive Q&A session.

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Online training: your path to pharmacy expertise
We have created a suite of online, interactive training modules to help build pharmacy expertise throughout your organization.