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Health plans partner with us because we have the scale, passion and commitment to help them grow in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment. Our experts provide innovative, strategic solutions that align with your plan's unique priorities. We believe health is what makes progress possible. Let's embrace our relentless passion and define the future of health care – together.
Security Health Plan of Wisconsin
Continuing the discussion
We appreciated you spending time discussion medical drug management and medical contracting strategies. For your convenience, the materials we shared during the meeting can be accessed here.
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Meeting materials
Amy Bricker
Amy Bricker
President, Express Scripts
Health care is more complicated, more fragmented and more costly than it needs to be. We're changing all of that. Being part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – is a vision we can all get behind. Working together, we can take on your toughest challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability and help you prepare for what's next.
COVID-19 has challenged our health care system like no other. But we're always looking ahead, identifying ways to redefine what's possible. We polled consumers and plan sponsors across the U.S. to assess the state of health care in the years ahead.

Health Care in Focus
Glen Stettin
Glen Stettin, MD
Chief Innovation Officer, Evernorth
In the next decade, we're going to see health care change dramatically, and we believe technology will play and even greater role in a person's care than ever before.
Eva Borden
Eva Borden
Vice President, Behavioral Health, Evernorth
The impact of the pandemic on mental health health will be long-lasting, and there is an urgent need to expand easy and timely access to care. Through Evernorth, we are delivering a more coordinated approach to health services that will make it easier for people to get the care they need, when they need it.
Dr. Wig
john Wigneswaran, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Evernorth
Better care and better outcomes are rooted in greater choice, affordability and access, and we can bring all of these to people with the greatest needs.

Drug Trend Report

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we worked together with clients to solve urgent and emerging needs with innovation, agility and focus while delivering results. See a snapshot of what we were able to help our clients achieve.
Held unit cost increases to 0.9%
For the fourth year in a row, we limited the increase in drug unit costs to under 1%, despite an average increase of 4.3% in list prices for brand drugs, by leveraging therapeutic mix and supply chain.
Delivered $45 million in savings
Leveraging innovative clinical programs and leveraging data to inform key decisions, we realized significant savings for our clients in 2020.
Getting ahead of the growth in specialty
For the first time, spending on specialty drugs accounted for more than half of total drug spend (51%). Our solutions and capabilities helped our clients stay ahead of this growth.
Negative trend for 1/3 of our commercial clients plans
Even in 2020, one trend held. For plans that took advantage of opportunities to help patients use the right drug – in the right amount and from the right pharmacy – the result was lower spending.

Focus on fertility and family planning

COVID-19 changed our lives and challenged us in ways we've never expected. As a trusted health care partner to plan sponsors, we sought to understand how the pandemic has impacted women's attitudes and behaviors around family planning – as well as assess the need for related benefits. While some have predicted a baby bust, our survey of 2,000 women between ages 25-45 with employer-sponsored benefits found that most respondents who maintained health insurance also maintained their goals to build families.
75% 75%
of women report interest in additional fertility benefits from their insurance plan or employer1
34% 34%
of respondents would change jobs, or encourage their partner to do so, for pregnancy, fertility and adoption coverage1
24% 24%
of respondents would change jobs, or encourage their partner to do so, for pregnancy, fertility and adoption coverage2

Medicare market analysis: Key insights and findings

We operate on a belief that insights can lead to better action, and our Medicare strategists will equip you with market analyses for growth planning and insight-driven conversations focused on enrollment trends, Star Ratings trends, competitive market benefits and other aspects. These analyses can be done at the state level, service area level, or county level to meet your needs. An initial look generated some insights for conversation.
Black and orange icon of four people working together.
Your MAPD service area still has a member affinity for PDP
This preference holds true despite solid MAPD growth year-over-year. Have you considered a PDP offering to familiarize those members with the Security brand? We offer white-label services, making this a near-term reality with limited effort from your team.
Black and orange icon of six dots connected in a circle around a seventh dot.
60% of enhanced MAPD plans in your MAPD service area offer preferred pharmacy networks
While Security does not offer this currently, have you considered a preferred network or or performance-based network option? These provide great opportunities to generate dollars to buy down premium; and members show tolerance for these designs in your service area.
Black and orange icon of a bar chart.
$0 premium plans make up 1/3 of MAPD plan offerings
Although these plans account for a low percentage of your service area, $0 premium plans experienced net year-over-year growth of 30%, whereas plans with a premium experienced a net loss year-over-year. Having plans both with and without premiums in your MAPD service area, those with a premium are mostly above the service area average as well, making opportunities to reinvest in the plan key to your growth.

Fragmented drug management strategies may be costing you

Medical drug spending is expected to increase by 33% by 2023. With specialty costs rising rapidly, you may be seeking new ways to manage spend and optimize administrative efficiencies. See how our approach to integrating medical drug management optimizes drug savings across pharmacy and medical benefits, enabling better efficiency, greater savings and improved safety.
20% 20%
of claims in the highest specialty spend categories are duplicating work within plans
50% 50%
higher specialty drug approvals vs. traditional approvals within the last 4 years3
$128B $128B
projected medical spend in 2023 – a 33% increase from $96B in 20184

Aligned with Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, we'll deliver world-class health services with a singular focus: to make health care more simple, affordable and predictable

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Lowering costs for your plan while providing high-quality care for your members shouldn't require compromise. We have programs and tools to help you successfully manage costs while helping your members improve their health and well-being.
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The future of health care is looking at the whole person and managing care at the individual level. What if you had a more holistic view of each individual and your population as a whole - with guaranteed results on the clinical outcomes that matter to you?
Your members' needs are complex, but their experience shouldn't be. We're committed to simplifying and personalizing engagement with members to ensure they have access to the clinical expertise and supportive care that will lead to better outcomes for all.
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We're committed to helping health plans grow. I look forward to continuing the conversation about how we can help Security Health Plans of Wisconsin. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
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