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Today's health care system is complex. With our deep understanding and commitment to publicly-funded plans and labor clients, our service model is designed around you and your members. We help you provide highly valued member benefits, while maximizing tax payer dollars and driving out waste. Let us be your trusted partner to help you respond to today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. We're your trusted partner with your Medicare retirees and we want to help you respond to today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities with your commercial lives as well.
Suffolk County

We're just getting started

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time spent exploring how we can support your commercial lives. You need – and deserve – a strategic partner who is just as invested in your success as you are – not just a vendor who services your pharmacy claims. We look forward to digging in further with you, to take on your toughest health care challenges together. For your convenience, the finalist presentation and follow-up materials can be accessed below.
Starting anew with a known and trusted partner
Kelly Depcik
Kelly Depcik
Senior Account Executive, National Labor Division
Working with Suffolk County to support your EGWP members has been one of the highlights of my time with Express Scripts. Serving your retirees has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about your plan and members, and we would love nothing more than to expand on our success by supporting your active population with the same great service and member care we have provided during our partnership. We are better positioned than ever to support your team and your members. I've built this site to make sure you have access to our latest insights and resources.

As our current EGWP client, I hope you find some of this information familiar, but I also hope you learn something new and are as excited as I am for future opportunities to build on our momentum to make health care better, together.

Tenured experience supporting labor unions

Understanding the needs of labor unions is at the core of what we do. With 50+ years of experience we know and understand the evolving needs of your members. We push further for labor funds – actively listening and rigorously interrogating our extensive data to pinpoint opportunities to unlock new value. Our support for union labor is reflected by the1,000 union members employed by Express Scripts – including 200 laborers.
3.8M 3.8M
members from America's working families
280 280
labor clients, representing nearly 5 million members
1000+ 1000+
union member employees

A successful partnership starts with a seamless implementation

Our mission of driving the health care industry forward is grounded in our commitment to your members – and our proven care continuity and communications strategies allow us to deliver seamless transitions for the majority of your population, with many members barely registering any change at all.
99.5% 99.5%
performance guarantees met across all lines of business
98% 98%
client implementation satisfaction rate
500+ 500+
clients implemented each year on average

Sample materials prepared for Suffolk County

Strategic planning reviews
We're here to ensure your success today and in the future – not just manage your claims. Review a sample strategic plan.
Member communications
We provide timely and comprehensive communications to ensure access and affordability for your members, and minimized noise for your plan.
Black and pink icon of a bar chart with an upward arrow.
We supply robust and timely reporting metrics to ensure you have a clear line of sight to what's going on with your plan at all times.

Taking on your toughest challenges

In 2020, we saved clients $45 billion through our clinical solutions. Our programs are designed to bring plan sponsors the promise of simplicity, predictability and above all, affordability. See information below on several of the solutions that may be of interest for your plan.
A richer specialty benefit with room to grow
Patients need their specialty medications and your plan needs better affordability. SaveOnSP utilizes plan design changes that enable maximum savings and reducing plan and member costs.
HC 360
First outcomes-based care model in the industry
What financial and clinical outcomes are sacrificed without full integration and coordination? Explore the industry's only guaranteed clinical outcomes model.
Protecting members and preventing abuse
Americans are now more likely to die of an accidental opioid overdose than in a motor vehicle crash. How can you make sure your members are protected?
Value-based approach makes medicine work harder
See how our multi-program, value-based platform unlocks new financial value and better health outcomes.

Innovating to meet members where they are

As a forward-thinking organization, I thought a snapshot of our latest innovations and sneak peek of The Lab, where innovation comes to life, may be of interest to you. Many of our solutions started as pilots in collaboration with our clients. Just imagine what we could do next – together with Suffolk County.
Blue and black icon of a microscope.
Explore The Lab
The Lab is a collaborative space where we innovate and ideate with clients to develop solutions that improve care and reduce costs.
Black and blue icon of a rocket ship taking off.
Innovation to transform health care
Almost every aspect of health care is undergoing a fundamental shift, especially with the emergence of new technologies.
Black and blue icon of a tablet featuring a variety of graphs and data.
Navigating digital health
As adoption of digital health applications grows, health benefits leaders are challenged with where and how to invest.

Explore the latest insights and resources

We are committed to helping you navigate changes in the dynamic health care industry.
Health Care in Focus
Health Care in Focus
The past year challenged our health care system like no other. But we're always looking forward, identifying ways to redefine what health care can and should be.
Drug Trend
Drug trend insights
In spite of the unique pressures presented in 2020, we helped one third of commercial plans experience a decrease in drug spending.
Plan design guide
Optimizing financial and clinical outcomes
When it comes to designing your pharmacy benefit, let your goals be your guide. Explore our guide to see how you can achieve success by design.
COVID Vaccine Series
COVID-19 vaccine video series
Join John Wigneswaran, MD, Vice President and General Manager as we make sense of clinical issues affecting businesses, starting with rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.
Thank you
I look forward to working with Suffolk County, and continuing the conversation around how we can save money for your plan, support your team and care for your members. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
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