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How Getting Your Flu Shot Helps the Fight Against COVID-19

Across a divided and suffering America, many of us are united by hope for a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine in the coming months. However, as individuals, we should get our flu shots as soon as we...

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Flu Vaccines

Providing Relief to Americans, Quickly

Responding to COVID-19, Express Scripts developed a unique program serving patients who lost pharmacy coverage. (Estimated reading time: ~3 mins.)

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Parachute Rx

When High Risk Patients Need Specialty Care during COVID-19

More Accredo patients are refilling prescriptions by app and online in the face of COVID-19, while still receiving customized clinical care. (Estimated reading time: ~2 mins.)

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Digital Tools and Specialty Refills

COVID-19 Impacts to High Deductible Health Plans

The pandemic has affected all corners of our lives and HDHPs are no different. We explain recent impacts to these plans. (Estimated reading time: ~3 mins.)

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High Deductible Health Plans COVID-19 Relief

Health Care Trend: Digital Health in the World of COVID-19

Digital health solution apps benefit consumers and providers, and in the case of COVID-19 help uphold social distancing guidelines, but at the rate that new solutions hit the market, navigating this l...

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Digital Health Trends

When to Send Employees Back to the Worksite?

There are a lot of answers and considerations to this specific question and it’s one that we’re asking ourselves now, too.

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