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Health Connect 360: The Fix for Fragmented Care

Health Connect 360SM creates a holistic experience centered on a patient’s care, connecting all entities and supporting people through their engagement preferences to avoid gaps-in-care and...

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Fragmented care

Biosimilars in the U.S.: More Approvals But Not More Access

Biosimilars have the potential to significantly reduce treatment costs. We take a look at the growing biosimilar pathway.

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The Capital Building in Washington D.C.

Congress Imposes More Transparency on Biologic Drug Manufacturers

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A Call for A Consensus: Price Increases in Branded Drugs Are Unsustainable

Since 2008, brand medications have risen in price an average 232%. We need to work with pharma and the government for common-sense legislation and regulatory changes.

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Better Together

Keeping Copays Affordable

We are uniquely and completely aligned with the best interests of our clients and members.

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Dark Copay

Smart Decisions Made Simple

The mobile app offers a more personalized experience for members, providing on-the-go access to benefit information.

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Understand Your New Benefit