National Preferred Formulary
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2020 National Preferred Formulary: Improving Care and Value

Plan sponsors and members want the most clinically appropriate prescription drug coverage at the best value.

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2020 National Preferred Formulary

National Preferred Formulary: Access Meets Value in HIV Treatment

Our National Preferred Formulary continues to deliver savings with minimal member impact, leading to more favorable medication adherence.

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Access meets value

National Preferred Flex Formulary: Built for the Evolution of Drug Pricing

Our National Preferred Flex Formulary provides employers and health plans a pathway to cover lower list-price products; helps deliver lower member out-of-pocket costs; and reduces reliance on branded-...

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A Novel Formulary Article

How We Build a Formulary

When properly constructed, drug formularies are a crucial strategy for keeping prescription medications affordable while preserving access for the patients who need them.

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Building Formulary

National Preferred Formulary: Driving Competition, Containing Costs and Minimizing Disruption

The National Preferred Formulary has saved enrolled clients an estimated $10.6 billion while only impacting 0.2% of members.

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National Preferred Formulary Article

2019 National Preferred Formulary: Better Access. Better Value.

Our National Preferred Formulary will provide payers and their members access to 3,886 medications while saving $3.2 billion on their prescription drug bill.

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2019 National Preferred Formulary