Thank you for the opportunity, Cintas.

From where you sit in the organization, you probably realize health care is more complicated than it needs to be. What if you could be part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – to make it more affordable, predictable and simple?
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Thank you, Cintas
I'm thankful for the time you've spent getting to know how Express Scripts can support your business and your employees.

There's a saying that goes, "do what you did in the beginning of a relationship, and it will never end." We couldn't agree more, which is why we place great care and emphasis on the implementation experience, ensuring our teams — and yours — feel prepared and confident to take care of your population with as little impact as possible.

We understand you need more than a vendor to manage your claims ... You need, and deserve, a strategic health services partner who thinks ahead and is ready to take on your toughest health care challenges. And, we'd be honored to be that partner for Cintas.
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Thank you
Bringing affordability to life-changing therapies
Gene therapy
Breakthrough, potentially life-changing medicines offer great promise for patients and their families. However, the high prices of the medicines threaten coverage and access to patients.
Personalized care with guaranteed outcomes
Health Connect 360
Health care is disconnected. But the future of health care is looking at the whole person – especially those who need the most help – and managing care at the individual level.
Five health care trends to watch
Health Trends
See how market dynamics in the health care landscape may impact your plan and how to stay ahead of current and emerging trends.
Navigating digital health
Digital Health
As more U.S. consumers and health care providers demand and adopt digital health applications, health benefits leaders are challenged with where and how to invest.

Our commitment to you: Improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve.

We strive to deliver a health care experience that is affordable, predictable and simple for your plan and employees.
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Lowering costs for your plan while providing high-quality care for your members shouldn't require compromise. We have programs and tools to help you successfully manage costs while helping your members improve their health and well-being.
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The future of health care is looking at the whole person and managing care at the individual level. What if you had a more holistic view of each individual and your population as a whole - with guaranteed results on the clinical outcomes that matter to you?
Your members' needs are complex, but their experience shouldn't be. We're committed to simplifying and personalizing engagement with members to ensure they have access to the clinical expertise and supportive care that will lead to better outcomes for all.
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Jennifer Adkins - Magna International
What our customers are saying
When issues come up I feel like I have a partner there to walk through things with me.
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Accredo Patient
What our patients are saying
[Employee] is a wonderful man and helped us with copay assistance in a way that amounts to a financial windfall. [He] is a great person, great employee and Accredo is fortunate to have him.
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We look forward to working together and truly appreciate you considering Express Scripts as your pharmacy partner. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
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