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Who is Know Your Rx?
The Know Your Rx Coalition provides Pharmacy Benefit Contracting through a group purchasing agreement. In addition to access to pricing arrangements, the Know Your Rx Coalition will offer clinical resources to help further manage Rx spend and to control trend in Rx costs both for member institutions and for covered employees and dependents. The Know Your Rx Pharmacy Coalition was formed in 2011 by the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, and the University of Louisville as a purchasing collaborative with the intent of contracting together for their prescription plans to provide the opportunity for better pricing than would be possible if the plans were to contract alone. Since its inception, the Coalition has now grown to over 30 employer groups and approximately 200,000 covered lives. The Coalition is available for non-profit higher education, healthcare, or the public sector employers across the United States.
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Who is Know Your Rx?

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Financial Savings
Maximizing the opportunity for better pricing for employers allows the members to have access to an affordable prescription plan
What makes the KY Rx Coalition unique from other pharmacy purchasing coalitions is the team of clinical pharmacists who are available for both employers and their members
Home Delivery
Through the partnership between Know Your Rx and Express Scripts, your members are able to obtain a 90 day supply of medications
Employers within the Coalition can rely on the guidance of the Coalition pharmacists for a wide range of services that include implementation and plan design, formulary selection, and for strategies to help offset wasteful plan spend
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Important Dates and Upcoming Events

Industry Events where KYRx will be attending and presenting:

Date: April 5-8
Event: SALGBA National Conference
Location: Louisville, KY

Date: June 8-11
Event: TIAA ELN Conference
Location: TBD
1/29 1/29
Turning 65 Seminar/ Louisville, KY
3/25 3/25
Turning 65 Seminar/Frankfort, KY
4/29 4/29
Turning 65 Seminar/Madisonville, KY
5/6 5/6
Turning 65 Seminar/Ashland, KY
5/13 5/13
Turning 65 Seminar/Florence, KY
5/20 5/20
Turning 65 Seminar/London, KY
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