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Pfizer, on behalf of all of us, thank you for your organization’s commitment to the time, resources and tenacity you brought to creating a vaccine for COVID-19. While millions across the nation were safe at home and unsure what the future holds, you stepped up in the biggest way.

As an innovative partner in health care, we understand keeping your colleagues happy and healthy is essential to keeping your top talent and helping them do their best work. We would be honored to take great care of your members.
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Express Scripts and Evernorth are ecstatic to provide you these solutions and offerings that we curated to show our commitment to caring for your employees and their families.


Unlocking clinical and financial value for Pfizer

The following clinical insights have been prepared for Pfizer based on the complete data set provided to Express Scripts. In total, Pfizer could realize annual pharmacy savings of $14.3M based on the following recommendations.
$109M $109M
specialty cost management by carving out specialty drugs from the medical benefit to achieve greater visibility through NDC-level claims management
$8.6M $8.6M
savings through Advanced Utilization Management: Step therapy, prior authorization and quantity level limits
$450K $450K
savings through ScreenRx®, which helps lower cost of care through predictive modeling to avoid non-adherence up to one year in advance
$620K $620K
savings through RationalMed®, helping with safer use of medications and evidence based prescribing and patient care; Fewer avoidable hospitalizations; Prescription drug savings; Medical savings; Enhanced coordination of care and member advocacy
$610K $610K
savings from early discontinuation, cost caps and point of sale discounts through SafeGuardRx®, which combats rising drug costs and helps to ensure important therapies and specialized care are available for your members
$1.6M $1.6M
in medical cost avoidance, using Advanced Opioid Management® to combat the opioid crisis
Explore our health equity & social determinants of health analysis below prepared especially for you.


Insights in your workforce

Like many HR teams, you’re probably working to balance profitability while focusing on overall colleague development and retention efforts. The struggle with finding this balance is that health care costs and expenses aren’t always coming from where you would expect. While the Baby Boomer generation gets a lot of attention as the workforce ages, there are other groups you need to cater to and monitor.
Pfizer workforce
1/3 1/3
of Pfizer’s workforce fall into the Millennial age bracket
75% 75%
of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials by the year 2025
54% 54%
of Millennials feel their mental health is good or excellent, compared to 64% of Baby Boomers
80% 80%
of Millennials feel their behavioral health has an impact on their physical health, compared to 62% of Baby Boomers
1/3 1/3
of millennials have health conditions that affect their quality of life, with behavioral health being a major contributing factor
60% 60%
of millennials have canceled a health-related appointment or procedure in light of COVID-19

Every mind deserves better

Advancing mental health through a behavioral health care solution that can complement your existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) or other wellness initiatives with medication-focused treatments to create a holistic, comprehensive approach to mental health care.
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Access to individualized support and resources
Black and blue icon of two holding hands forming the shape of a heart.
Condition-specific care through our Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource Center
New digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program

A successful partnership starts with a seamless implementation

Our mission of driving the health care industry forward is grounded in our commitment to your members - and our proven care continuity and communications strategies allow us to deliver seamless transitions for the majority of your population, with many members barely registering any change at all. See below how one of our new clients with 5,000 lives saw minimal disruption when switching to Express Scripts services.
2% 2%
Of this client's members faced disruption
0.24% 0.24%
Only 12 people (0.24%) requested exception
99.5% 99.5%
Performance guarantees met across all lines of business
98% 98%
Overall clients' satisfaction rate with implementation

Innovation and support through the COVID-19 pandemic

In a world dramatically changed by COVID-19, every business faces new realities – and a long list of unknowns. And we’re here for our customers and their members as they face every single one of those unknowns.
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Evernorth Healthy Ways to Work
Evernorth COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics
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COVID-19 Information Hub
SDoH article
Social Determinants of Health Impact Individuals, Communities and Plan Sponsors
A geographic social vulnerability index can identify at-risk individuals and actionable insights to inform plans to reduce health disparities, improve health outcomes, and lower health care costs where the need is highest.
clinically speaking
Clinically Speaking: Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health
All too often, a person’s gender, race, education, income or zip code dictates how healthy they are. In our latest episode, we explore health inequity and disparity in the U.S. and the pathways to meaningful solutions.

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