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We support your mission to take great care of the employees who support the great state of West Virginia. Supporting many public sectors and government agencies, we also understand the unique challenges you face and how passionate you are about providing your members access and affordability to the care they need. At our core, this is also what we stand for and the reason we exist. You need a strategic health services partner to help you navigate the complexity and make it easier for your members to get the care they need. We would be honored to be that partner.

The high cost of a mental health crisis

Amidst COVID-19, all of us are being tested in ways we never have been – both physically and mentally. One in five U.S. adults lives with a mental health condition each year.1 It’s a prominent issue that everyone is thinking about – but no one is talking about.
$200B $200B
Estimated annual spending in the U.S. due to mental health conditions2
16M 16M
Missed work days per year in the U.S. due to mental health conditions3
2-3X 2-3X
Higher cost for patients with both a mental health condition and a chronic disease (than patients only with a chronic disease)4
Every mind deserves better
inMyndSM Behavioral Health Care works with existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) and other wellness initiatives to help members access mental health support and treatment on their terms.
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Take an interactive demo of our highly rated mobile app (4.7/5.0 stars) to see how simple the mobile experience is. Please use Chrome of Firefox for the best experience.
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Digital tools and analytics
Administering your benefit is easy with real-time, web-based reporting and analytics as well as access to news, resources, industry information, user guides, trainings and more.
Introducing Evernorth
Elevating health means reimagining how we partner. With open collaboration and unbiased guidance, we strive to deliver flexible, focused solutions under our new health services brand and portfolio.
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Our new health services portfolio: Evernorth
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