How can I get a vaccination?

Follow these steps to get vaccinated at your local pharmacy:

Before you visit the pharmacy…

  • Check with your plan sponsor about vaccine coverage and copayment information, if applicable. Please note, for the COVID-19 vaccines, the cost of the vaccine may be covered at no cost (when using a participating retail pharmacy). Check with your plan sponsor about additional coverage information.
  • Make sure the pharmacy you use is part of your Express Scripts participating pharmacy network. If you’re not sure, log in to and click Find a Pharmacy from the menu under Prescriptions to find out. You can also use the Express Scripts® mobile app on your digital device to locate a participating pharmacy. Please note, for the COVID-19 vaccines, most pharmacies should be able to administer the vaccine, once widely available. Call your pharmacy before visiting, to ensure the pharmacy is able to administer the COVID-19 vaccines, the pharmacy has vaccines available for administration, and to schedule an appointment if one is required by the pharmacy.
  • Call the pharmacy to verify their current vaccination schedule, vaccine availability, and any age restrictions. Please note, every state has specific regulations regarding age restrictions, which vaccines can be administered by a certified pharmacist, and if a prescription is required. Additionally, COVID-19 vaccine availability may vary due to supply and storage constraints, staffing, and/or other factors.

When you get to the pharmacy…

  • Be sure to present your prescription member ID card at the time of service.
  • Be sure to get your vaccine from the pharmacist at the pharmacy, not from the pharmacy’s on-site clinic.

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