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At Medco Health, we're committed to providing you with the affordable prescription coverage you and your family need to stay healthy.

Medco Health works to keep your prescription coverage affordable while making sure your doctor can continue to provide you with the best care. One of the ways Medco Health will do this is by using a preferred drug list. Sharing this information with your doctor helps him or her make prescribing decisions while keeping your coverage and cost in mind.

And because your health is so important to us, Medco Health brought together an independent Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee that reviews the drugs on the preferred drug list based on safety and efficacy. This committee is made up of distinguished health care professionals, including pharmacists and doctors from various medical specialties. The committee also helps to ensure that our policies are medically sound and support your health.

With your plan's prescription drug benefit program, you will have access to many commonly prescribed generic and brand-name drugs. Many different companies make these drugs including Merck & Co., Inc.

Your Prescription Benefits

Your co-payment may vary for preferred generic, preferred brand and non-preferred drugs. In addition, you should know that not all drugs included in the preferred drug list are covered by every prescription benefit plan. Sometimes your plan may limit or exclude certain drugs from coverage. Click here to view the Rx Selections™ Drug List.

You and your doctor may have already received a printed copy of your preferred drug list in the mail. This online version of the preferred drug list is continuously updated to provide you with access to a current list of preferred and possible alternatives for non-preferred drugs.

By asking your doctor to prescribe with coverage and cost in mind, you can help ensure you have access to affordable drugs that you need to stay healthy. Of course, the final decision about the choice of drugs prescribed is between you and your health care provider. Please discuss with your health care provider whether a generic or preferred drug is right for you. Please consult your Prescription Benefit manual or call us toll-free at the Member Services number listed on your ID card for more information on your plan's prescription drug benefit program.