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Questions about the Medco and Express Scripts merger
It's business as usual for physicians and their patients. Please continue to use the same prescription processes, websites and numbers you've been using. Should any changes be made, we will proactively communicate them to you and your patients. For more details, read our merger FAQs for physicians.

Other common questions

Can I be contacted by fax only?

Some health care professionals would prefer to be contacted via fax only for any communications pertaining to their patients' prescription drug benefits. We do everything we can to comply with such requests; however there are situations in which phone calls are required. You can help reduce additional follow-up calls to your practice by responding to our fax communications in a timely manner.

It is recommended that you always use a secure fax line. A secure fax line is one that is suitable for use in disclosing patient confidential data. For example, the fax machine should be located in an area accessible only to office staff.

Can you contact my patient before contacting me about my patients' preferred formulary medication?

Because many physicians have expressed a desire to have patients take more responsibility for their drug benefits, we are working to find new ways to make our members more aware of how their prescription drug plans work. We're also committed to providing you with services that support you and safeguard your patients against drug related problems and with relevant patient-specific information, including medication histories and other tools that physicians have indicated are useful to their offices. At times we may ask you to consider prescribing generic or formulary medications. Please be assured, however, that only the medication you authorize can be dispensed.

Can Medco reimburse me for my time spent reviewing your requests?

Medco is unable to compensate you for this purpose. Because patients need affordable prescription drug coverage, we administer programs that offer savings opportunities and other benefit information for you to consider when making prescribing decisions. Our intent is to support your therapy goals and promote compliance by helping your patients make the most of their benefits and by making prescription drug coverage more convenient for them. Of course, we realize that a lower cost drug may not always be right for your patient. Please be assured that only the medication you authorize can be dispensed.

Can my patients submit their Medco Pharmacy prescriptions via mail?

We understand that it may be more convenient for some physicians to advise their patients to mail in their prescriptions for their maintenance medications. Please advise your patients that they can obtain the appropriate forms by calling the Member Services phone number located on the back of their prescription drug card.

How are preventive services defined under healthcare reform (the Affordable Care Act)?

The Affordable Care Act interim final regulation identifies four types of preventive services that must be covered by health plans at $0 co-payment and not be subject to deductibles or other benefit limitations. These include:

Is a prescription required for the preventive service items that are over-the-counter (OTC)?

Yes. Members are required to obtain a prescription for OTC products to be filled at a network pharmacy, including the Medco Pharmacy™.

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