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A note to physicians and pharmacists about our formularies - As a healthcare professional, you're committed to ensuring your patients receive the care they need to stay healthy. We would like to support your efforts by providing information that will assist you in making prescribing decisions while keeping cost and coverage in mind.

Why do we need to use formularies?

Many of our plan sponsors use formulary programs to help manage the overall cost of providing prescription drug benefits to their members while ensuring that you're able to continue to provide them with the best care. By prescribing with cost and coverage in mind, you can help make sure your patients have access to affordable prescription coverage.

Who created Medco's formularies?

These formularies are created with the help of an independent Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee made up of physicians and pharmacists to make sure that our policies are medically sound and support your patients' health. This committee reviews and evaluates each medication on Medco's formularies based on safety and efficacy and ensures choice in all therapeutic categories. Medco's formularies always encompass drugs from many different manufacturers.

What formularies does Medco use?

Most of our clients have adopted one of our standard formulary programs. Please refer to the following online versions as they are continuously updated to assist you in prescribing formulary medications that could save money for your patients.

Preferred Prescriptions®/Rx Selections™

Interactive formulary tool
Formulary PDF

Medco Medicare Prescription Plan® Formulary - a list of the prescription drugs that are approved for coverage under the Medco Medicare Prescription Plan. Be sure to select the one that applies to the member's plan option.

 Value planChoice plan
Formulary PDF
Do certain plans have custom formularies?

In addition to the Medco standard formularies listed above, some of our clients have adopted custom formulary programs. You may have already received a copy of your patient's formulary in the mail.

Are suggestions regarding the formulary welcome?

At Medco, we encourage physicians and pharmacists to offer suggestions for changes or inclusions to the Preferred Prescriptions/Rx Selections Formularies. Please send your correspondence to:

Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
Clinical Practices & Therapeutics
Department of Medical Affairs
100 Parsons Pond Drive
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Where can I call with formulary questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at the Physician Service Center at 1 800 211-1456.

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