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Note: The Express Scripts-Medco merger has not changed your Medco patients' prescription benefits. Please continue to use this process to get your Medco patient started with mail order.

The Medco mail order pharmacy benefits both physicians and patients.
You can help your patients take advantage of greater savings and greater convenience.

  • Patients using mail order have been shown to be more compliant.
  • You can prescribe up to a 90-day supply of medication at one time—plus refills up to a year, as appropriate—which reduces the number of additional prescriptions required.
  • With mail order, patients can get medication delivered right to their home, and standard shipping is free.
  • Most patients will pay lower total out-of-pocket costs with mail order.
  • Patients benefit from the highest levels of safety. A recent study on dispensing accuracy concluded that the mail order pharmacy is over 20 times more accurate than the average retail pharmacy.
  • Registered Pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer any questions your patients may have.
Get your patient started with mail order today.

After you have decided that your patient is on the appropriate therapy, mail order is a good option for them to consider. You can help them get started by submitting their prescriptions via fax, or they can send it through the mail.

Via fax:

  1. Download our online fax form here; print and copy the form for your continued use.
  2. Fill in patient information (including allergies or conditions) and your fax number. Remember to include member ID, date of birth and address.
  3. Tape a completed, signed prescription to the form.
  4. Fax the form without a cover sheet to: 1 800 837-0959.

Note: All specialty pharmacy referrals must be sent to Accredo Health Group, Inc., Medco's specialty pharmacy. Learn more >

Helpful hints for physicians using fax for the mail order pharmacy:

  • Providing the correct member number, address and patient date of birth helps us to identify the right patient without having to contact your office.
  • Please verify with your patients that they currently have Medco benefits.
  • For security reasons, we can only accept faxes from secure fax number we have on file. Please be sure you have provided us with your up-to-date secure fax number.
  • You can notify us of your new secure fax number by completing the section under Step 2 on your Medco fax form.

Via mail:

  1. Provide your patient with a written prescription for up to a 90-day supply and refills for up to one year, as appropriate.
  2. Advise them that they can obtain the appropriate forms online or by calling the Member Services phone number located on the back of their prescription card.

Perfect score of 100 for mail order network (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
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