Lower Cost

Express Scripts’ business model helps ensure clinical efficacy through programs and strategies based on rigorous, evidence-based research. After clinical considerations are accounted for, we have a specific aim — driving out wasteful spending in the prescription drug benefit.

Unlike other PBMs, we have a strong legacy of independence. We’ve never been owned by a pharmaceutical company or retail organization. We are aligned with our plan sponsors’ goals. Our success is achieved by providing clients and patients the most cost-effective, clinically sound pharmacy benefit.

Our unique independence has enabled us to become an industry leader in trend management. In 2008, we achieved the lowest overall drug trend of any major PBM — 3.0%. In addition, our generic fill rate, which reached 68.3% in 2009, remains unsurpassed. Because a 1% increase in generic fill rate generally translates to a 1% or greater decrease in plan sponsor spend, this adds up to substantial savings.

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