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Clients and Advisors with Express Scripts prior to October 1, 2012:

Access reporting, manage plans and eligibility, find formulary and retail pharmacy information and more.

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Former Medco Clients and New Clients of Express Scripts:

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Additional Resources

Interactive Formulary Tools (for Former Medco Clients)
Preferred Prescriptions Interactive Formulary Tool
Rx Selections Interactive Formulary Tool

Formulary Reference Guide - Preferred Prescriptions® Rx Solutions™ (PDF file)

Standard Formulary Changes (for Former Medco Clients) (PDF file)
View a list of the 1-1-2013 changes to the Preferred Prescriptions/Rx Selections formulary.

New Generic Drugs (PDF file)
See which new generic equivalents of branded drugs are now on the market.

Plan Design Review Guide (PDF file)
Explore some of the essential elements of pharmacy benefit design (sometimes referred to as plan design), and learn about some of the strategies and tools – such as drug coverage, generic medications, member cost share, formulary management, and other programs – you can employ to help better manage your pharmacy benefits. We developed this guide to give plan administrators more insight into the concepts, practices, and strategies used to manage a pharmacy benefit.