At Express Scripts, we're dedicated to providing member, clients and healthcare professionals with services that deliver safe and affordable pharmaceuticals.

Tens of millions of consumers count on Express Scripts to supply the information and treatment they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We understand that everyone has unique needs, especially when it concerns prescription drugs. Whether you're looking to save money on your prescription, manage your account online, or gather the latest information about a particular drug, Express Scripts has you covered.

Thousands of clients benefit from our ability to create systems, processes and products that help them effectively manage benefits and trends to meet their organization's needs. We align our interests with those of plan sponsors and their members to encourage smarter prescription drug choices and to achieve the lowest total plan cost.

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The Pharmacist Resource Center offers a variety of online resources for pharmacists, including Payer Sheets, access to the Network Provider Manual, online claims information, eligibility information and benefits overviews for Express Scripts members.

Access tools and resources that help you serve your patients and save you time.

Learn about the conveniences, like home delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy and online account management, that Express Scripts offers members.

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