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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What can I do on Express-Scripts.com for Clients & Advisors?
A. By registering on the portal, you will gain access to:


·         Breaking industry news

·         Valuable marketing and communication tools

·         Informational webinars

·         Timely publications

·         Strategies to help you manage trend


Depending on your role, you may also request access to additional secure tools to better help you manage pharmacy benefits. 

Q. Can I begin using the website immediately?
A. If we can verify the information you provide during registration, you will be given immediate access to helpful, up-to-date information about our products and services created especially for you. However, access to secure tools, which may allow access to sensitive information (such as possible PHI), requires additional verification that can take up to 10 days.
Q. Who do I contact when I have issues or questions about site access?
A. For help with technical issues, call us toll free at 888-452-4357 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week.) You can also e-mail us or call a member of your Express Scripts Account Team any time.

Q. What if I forgot my E-Mail/Username?
A. If you forget the username or e-mail address you used during registration, call the Express Scripts Service Center at 888-452-4357.

Q. Can I change my E-Mail/Username?
A. To change the E-Mail/Username you use to sign in, you must contact a member of your Express Scripts Account Team.

Q. What if I forgot my password?
A. If you forget your password, you can change it by clicking on the Forgot Password? link. To change or reset your password, you will need to enter your E-Mail/Username and successfully answer your password challenge question.

Q. Can I change my password or update security questions later?
A. Yes. Once you’ve registered you can click My Account to manage your account including changing your password and updating your security questions.

Q. How is my account secured?
A. To protect the privacy and security of your account, we use SiteKey images and Security Challenge Questions to help verify your identity. These features help protect you from fraud or identity theft in two ways: 
  • The SiteKey image helps verify that you’re at a valid Express Scripts website and not a phony look-alike site. Only Express Scripts knows your correct SiteKey image.

  • The security challenge questions help us verify that you are the true owner of the account.