Innovating For Better: 30+ Years and Counting

From the beginning, our members have been our focus. On their behalf, we’ve acted first to tackle the toughest challenges in health care, even when we acted alone. And we’re just getting started.
A timeline of innovation, action and opportunity
In 1986, five employees dispensed prescriptions in a small cinder-block building. Today, 27,000 employees across the country carry forward our commitment to creating a better health care system, meeting every challenge with the same passion and energy we've had from the start.
Evernorth launched
Health services built on the recognition that health makes progress possible. Evernorth combines powerful health services capabilities and offerings to create innovative and effective solutions. Together, we solve the problems others don’t, won’t, or can’t, to elevate health for all.
Healthy Ways to Work suite of solutions launched
A comprehensive suite of capabilities and solutions designed to help businesses and members navigate through COVID-19.
Express Scripts Parachute RxSM initiative for COVID-19 announced
Offers deep discounts on thousands of generic and brand-name drugs for members and non-members affected by COVID-19.
FamilyPathSM fertility solution launched
Drives down avoidable costs, provides holistic care coordination, and delivers more flexible options for clients and patients.
inMyndSM behavioral health solution launched
Helps both patients and payers better recognize, treat, and support mental and behavioral health conditions.
Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM gene therapy solution launched
Allows for plan predictability of breakthrough gene therapies, while ensuring member access to the medication at no cost.
OnePASM solution introduced
As part of our comprehensive medical drug management benefit, drives efficient, accurate and compliant utilization management across benefits, with claims systems and clinical policies.
HIV Care ValueSM program launched
As part of our value-based SafeGuardRx platform, helps prepare for the upcoming shift of HIV PrEP medications coming to plan sponsors, while ensuring members’ access to life-saving therapy.
Patient Assurance ProgramSM launched
Addressing the need for greater affordability and access to insulin, this program ensures people with diabetes pay no more than $25 for a 30-day supply of insulin.
Migraine Care ValueSM program launched
As part of our SafeGuardRx value-based platform, helps you save on preferred CGRP-inhibitors while patients receive specialized care and support.
Health Connect 360SM solution launched
An outcomes-based approach that delivers personalized clinical support to your members.
Digital Health Formulary created
Ensures digital tools meet rigorous security and privacy protocols, protecting members’ information, while increasing the effectiveness and value of your plan.
Express Scripts acquired by Cigna to create a total health and well-being company
Together, we accelerate a new global health care model that maximizes value, affordability and choice for our customers and clients.
Rare Conditions Care ValueSM program introduced
An accurate diagnosis reduces the emotional, physical and financial burden for patients and plan sponsors.
Customized bottle-cap messaging introduced
Improves adherence and safety with messages from the Express Scripts Pharmacy®.
eviCore healthcare acquired to expand our offering
We continue to build on our ability to improve health care and lower costs for patients, providers and payers.
Advanced Opioid Management® launched
This comprehensive program tackles the nation’s epidemic, engaging patients, prescribers and pharmacies – saving lives and reducing unnecessary prescribing, dispensing and treatment costs.
Inside Rx® launched
Patients in need get affordable access to medication through savings of up to 34%, with no membership fees or hidden costs incurred. 
SafeGuardRx® platform expanded
Enhanced care extends to patients diagnosed with diabetes, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory and pulmonary conditions. 
SafeGuardRx® program launched for rare and chronic conditions
Solutions include groundbreaking Care Value Programs for oncology, cholesterol and inflation protection.
$1 alternative to $750 Daraprim®
Partnering with Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, we provide affordable treatment that was previously priced out of reach for pregnant women, people with HIV and others.
National Preferred Formulary introduced
New approach to formulary management focuses on clinically therapeutic, lower-cost medications.
Hepatitis Cure Value® program launched
Our partnership with AbbVie brings a cure for hepatitis C available to millions of patients in need.
Compound Management Solution introduced
Program addresses unchecked compounded drug prices and blocks ingredients with inflated prices that don't provide any clinical benefit.
Department of Defense beneficiaries save $67 million
A federal Inspector General audit confirms massive pharmacy savings for our military and their families using home delivery from the Express Scripts PharmacySM.
ScreenRx® launched
Industry-first solution addresses medication nonadherence, which in 2011 alone cost $317 billion in medical complications.
Medco acquired
At a time of skyrocketing health care costs, we come together to drive out waste, lower costs and improve adherence.
The Express Scripts LabSM opens
The research facility develops and pilots innovative programs to achieve better health and greater savings for patients and clients.
Pharmacy Savings Guarantee introduced
Evidence-based methods enhance patient safety and clinical care, while eliminating wasteful health care expenses.
World's largest automated pharmacy opened
Automation enables dispensing one million prescriptions weekly, with 99.9997% accuracy.
Therapeutic Resource CentersSM introduced
Specially trained pharmacists and nurses provide clinical care to patients diagnosed with severe and chronic conditions, such as cancer and diabetes.
Lipitor® removed from formulary
The move to prefer simvastatin, the newly available generic, helps save clients and patients more than $125 million.
Cox-2 inhibitors challenged
Our study of the drug class helps ensure the efficient allocation of health care resources.
RxHub co-launched
The groundbreaking platform standardized ePrescribing for the industry.
Generic for Prozac® rolled out
Within 12 weeks, home delivery prescriptions for 75% of our members were quickly converted from Prozac to fluoxetine, saving millions for patients and payers.
Step therapy lowers costs
The program promotes the use of lower-cost, yet therapeutically equivalent, generic and brand drugs before moving to a more-expensive brand.
Inaugural Drug Trend Report
An industry first, our publication becomes an industry standard for reporting pharmacy trends.
First fully automated pharmacy opened
High-volume facility with end-to-end automation begins operations in Las Vegas, NV.
First-ever formulary developed
The preferred drug list gives guidance for clinically superior and/or lower-cost products – saving money for patients and payers while ensuring therapeutic equivalence.
The first champion for better sets up shop
On day one, 5 employees fill 11 scripts from a one-room facility in St. Louis County. Five months later, the first home delivery prescription was dispensed.