How Remote Monitoring Tackles Hypertension

To improve health outcomes for members with high blood pressure, Express Scripts – in partnership with Livongo Health – is offering an innovative remote monitoring system.
Remote Monitoring for Hypertension

Alarming Statistics about the “Silent Killer”

It’s often referred to as the “silent killer” because many people are unaware they have the condition. However, the impact hypertension has on patients and the healthcare industry comes through loud and clear. Every year, 40% of physician office visits for 18-64 year-olds results in a positive diagnosis, generating more than $120 billion in medical care costs for patients and plan sponsors annually.

More concerning still is the rate of nonadherence among those managing high blood pressure with prescribed medications. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), only 46% of patients with hypertension have their blood pressure at goal. As a result, the condition continues to be the leading cause of stroke and heart attack, raising the level of risk for these health events by 25% and 33%, respectively.

Getting Better, Together: Express Scripts and Livongo Health

Exposing the opportunity for collaboration across the care continuum, Express Scripts is expanding its partnership with Livongo Health, a health technology company specializing in personalized digital solutions for patients with chronic conditions. Since 2015, Livongo has provided Express Scripts clients and members access to better tools to manage diabetes. Livongo will now begin leveraging its remote monitoring capabilities to improve health outcomes for Express Scripts members with hypertension. Express Scripts clients will have seamless access to Livongo's hypertension management program, which offers these key components:

  • Personalized content for members with access to nutrition programs and health tips for better control
  • Elevated blood pressure reading feedback
  • Scheduled coaching sessions for nutrition, stress management & medication adherence
  • Health summary reports to ensure care coordination between healthcare entities
  • Convenient reminders for blood pressure checking
  • Medication optimization via clinical algorithms

Livongo’s management system analyzes data trends to provide actionable insights for members, who are able to receive medication reminders, personalized messaging and coaching sessions with Livongo’s clinical staff and specialist pharmacists through Express Scripts’ Cardiovascular Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC). These healthcare professionals provide clinical support at the patient level, using their disease-specific experience to ensure safety, improve medication adherence and close gaps in care. Express Scripts’ specialist pharmacists combine their advanced knowledge and focused expertise with compassionate care to provide better health outcomes, averaging 11-19% greater adherence through their proactive partnerships with patients.

Reducing Cost, Improving Care for Chronic Conditions

Beyond the clinical advantages of remote monitoring, Express Scripts and Livongo’s partnership generates significant health savings for clients and their members, reducing the cost of medical care for patients with hypertension and associated chronic conditions, like diabetes.

According to the CDC, 73% of people with diabetes also have hypertension. For members with both diabetes and hypertension, Livongo’s mobile app provides an integrated experience: logging blood pressure and diabetes readings, analyzing data trends and coordinating care with physicians and pharmacists. With the annual cost of medical care related to diabetes and hypertension totaling more than $300 billion, Livongo’s personalized solution improves medication adherence and optimizes clinical support, which lowers the cost of care and raises the quality of life for patients who manage chronic conditions. With these innovative solutions, Express Scripts and Livongo Health are empowering members with hypertension to more confidently live better, healthier lives.

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