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From where you sit in the organization, you probably realize health care is more complicated than it needs to be. What if you could be part of the solution to transform health care as we know it - to make it more simple, affordable and predictable?
When it comes to RFPs, it's not what you ask but how you ask it
RFP Questions
In a world where there seems to be more questions than answers, what's critical to keep in mind as you build your RFP is not just what questions you ask, but how you ask them.
Proven results to help you grow and retain your business
Health Plan Checklist
After helping our health plan clients understand and close gaps in their go-to-market approach, we saw positive growth among our health plan book of business in 2018.
Expertise to power your growth and retention goals
Helping Health Plans Win
Helping you win and retain clients begins with understanding your goals and the market dynamics. See how we deliver market development expertise and sales support.
The role of drug pricing in the political environment
Public Policy
See how we work relentlessly to influence policies in support of lower drug pricing, and develop solutions that drive down costs and increase patient access.

Aligned with Boston Medical Center, we'll deliver world-class health services with a singular focus: to make health care more simple, affordable and predictable

Your members' needs are complex, but their experience shouldn't be. We're committed to simplifying and personalizing engagement with members to ensure they have access to the clinical expertise and supportive care that will lead to better outcomes for all.
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Lowering costs for your plan while providing high-quality care for your members shouldn't require compromise. We have programs and tools to help you successfully manage costs while helping your members improve their health and well-being.
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The future of health care is looking at the whole person and managing care at the individual level. What if you had a more holistic view of each individual and your population as a whole - with guaranteed results on the clinical outcomes that matter to you?
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Our members' perspective
From a patient about a member/physician advocate
[Employee] was wonderful, patient, helpful and a delight to talk to! I was a little nervous about moving over to home delivery, but [she] calmed my nerves. I now have full confidence in Express Scripts.
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Our clients' perspective
Janae McAfee, Highmark
I really try to think about Express Scripts not as a vendor relationship, but as more of a partnership. And it's very collaborative in nature, and we have, really, a common goal for growth, to win together.
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