A Public Policy Analysis: How Congress Can Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Express Scripts has worked relentlessly for years toward solutions that drive down costs and increase patient access.
Public Policy Report

The 116th Congress is underway, and among the issues facing our legislators is lowering prescription drug costs. Express Scripts has championed this cause since our founding more than 30 years ago, and we welcome the opportunity to use our experience as we continue to lead this initiative in 2019.

We have legislative successes to share. Our efforts have helped influence policies that are:

  • Protecting Medicare recipients from delays in medication access
  • Prohibiting so-called “pharmacy gag clauses,” which prevent pharmacists from informing patients when cheaper prescription drug alternatives are available
  • Requiring pharmaceutical companies to disclose patent settlements involving biosimilar drugs to the Federal Trade Commission.

To continue on this path of success, we are calling on President Trump and the 116th Congress to take action on our newest cost-saving policy strategies for public and private payers.

Read about four areas of policy focus that are ripe for legislative and/or regulatory attention.