Aimee Tharaldson Sr. Clinical Pharmacist, Pharm D
Aimee Tharaldson

Aimee Tharaldson is a Senior Clinical Pharmacist in the Emerging Therapeutics department at Express Scripts. She is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the specialty pharmaceutical pipeline. The Emerging Therapeutics department produces several proprietary reports on the pipeline for use by Express Scripts’ employees and clients. In her role, Aimee contributes to timely communications on a variety of clinical topics including new drug approvals, new guidelines and landmark-study publications. Dr. Tharaldson also contributes to Express Scripts’ Drug Trend Report. She also played a key role in developing, and currently helps maintain, Express Scripts’ specialty drug list.

Dr. Tharaldson has spent sixteen years in the pharmacy-benefit-management industry. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy. She also completed a Pharmacy Practice residency at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.