The future of health care starts here: Welcome, GEHA

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your pharmacy and health services partner. Our team valued having you as a client in the past and would love to have you back. With the recent formation of Evernorth, we are better positioned than ever to support you and your team, and to create a better experience for your members.

Meet our leaders and the team who will be directly involved in finding opportunities to improve affordability for your team and care for your members, should we have the pleasure of working together.
We're just getting started
We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time spent getting to know your team and exploring how we can support your business. You need – and deserve – a strategic partner who is just as invested in the success and strategic growth of GEHA as you are – not just a vendor who services your pharmacy claims. We look forward to digging in further with you, to take on your toughest health care challenges together.
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Thank you for the opportunity, GEHA

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Health Care in Focus
At Evernorth, we're always looking ahead, identifying ways to redefine what's possible. We polled consumers and plan sponsors across the U.S. to assess the state of health care in the years ahead.
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Evernorth insights: Health Care in Focus
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Growth is never mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
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Additional Evernorth solutions

Advancing mental health through a behavioral health care solution that can complement your existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) or other wellness initiatives with medication-focused treatments to create a holistic, comprehensive approach to mental health care.
Healthy Ways to Work
In a world dramatically changed by COVID-19, we’re helping our partners and their employees navigate new realities. Explore agile solutions focused on helping people return to a healthy, safe, and productive workplace.
Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM
Gene therapy has the potential to change lives, but even a single treatment can cost millions of dollars. Embarc Benefit Protection shields members from these high costs, so that people who need treatment can get it.
By 2025, 10 million couples will have trouble starting a family. FamilyPath is raising the bar for fertility health by providing more comprehensive, more flexible coverage and proactive care for growing families.
Digital Health Formulary
Over 300,000 digital solutions flood the marketplace. Our Digital Health Formulary simplifies navigating the vast landscape and vets solutions for clinical effectiveness, security, compliance, value, affordability and a user-friendly experience.
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