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We commend Goodyear and Cooper Tire's commitment for making supporting employees an essential part of retention, trend management and productivity strategies. Your teams' health and well-being are essential to enabling them to perform at their highest potential, as well as the happiness of your population. As a strategic pharmacy and health services partner, we are committed to making health care more affordable, simple and predictable.
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Goodyear and Cooper Tire, thank you for considering Express Scripts as your pharmacy partner. For your reference, I wanted to share some of our latest insights and some sample documents to exemplify how easy it is to work with Express Scripts. Please feel free to share this site with your peers and let me know if you have any questions or desire additional information. On behalf of the entire Express Scripts team, I look forward to the prospect of working with you to improve the health and happiness of your employees and their families for years to come.
See how we put our expertise and capabilities to work to improve member health and plan performance. Explore success stories from our current clients.

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SafeGuardRx Weight Management Care Value Program

While some still see obesity as a cosmetic issue or physical inconvenience, the health impact is devastating to members, plan sponsors and the nation. It’s time to start winning the losing battle - introducing WegovyTM + MDLIVE for the win.
1/3 1/3
of American adults is obese1
21% 21%
of medical spend is for obesity related illnesses2
50% 50%
of the U.S. population will be obese by 20303

Evernorth solutions

Together, we’re taking health services further with integrated data and analytics that help us deliver better care to more people.
Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM
Gene therapy has the potential to change lives, but even a single treatment can cost millions of dollars. Embarc Benefit Protection shields members from these high costs, so that people who need treatment can get it.
Healthy Ways to Work
In a world dramatically changed by COVID-19, we’re helping our partners and their employees navigate new realities. Explore agile solutions focused on helping people return to a healthy, safe, and productive workplace.
By 2025, 10 million couples will have trouble starting a family. FamilyPath is raising the bar for fertility health by providing more comprehensive, more flexible coverage and proactive care for growing families.
Advancing mental health with a behavioral health care solution that complements any existing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) or wellness initiatives with medication-focused treatments to create a holistic approach to mental health care.
Digital Health Formulary
With more than 200 new digital health solutions each day, navigating the digital health landscape is confusing, costly and time-consuming. The Digital Health Formulary helps you manage the fast-growing world of digital health.

Focus on fertility and family planning

COVID-19 changed our lives and challenged us in ways we've never expected. As a trusted health care partner to plan sponsors, we sought to understand how the pandemic has impacted women's attitudes and behaviors around family planning – as well as assess the need for related benefits. While some have predicted a baby bust, our survey of 2,000 women between ages 25-45 with employer-sponsored benefits found that most respondents who maintained health insurance also maintained their goals to build families.
75% 75%
of women report interest in additional fertility benefits from their insurance plan or employer4
34% 34%
of respondents would change jobs, or encourage their partner to do so, for pregnancy, fertility and adoption coverage4
24% 24%
of respondents would change jobs, or encourage their partner to do so, for pregnancy, fertility and adoption coverage5

Expect more from Express Scripts

These sample assets will provide a sense of what to expect in terms of onboarding and implementation, should you select Express Scripts as your pharmacy partner, as well as the benefits and insights you can look forward to as a client. I hope you find this information useful and, as always, please reach out with any questions.
Sample implementation timeline
Curious of what to expect as you consider moving to Express Scripts? Our experienced teams are thorough and skilled in seamlessly implementing large and complex plans. Review a sample implementation plan for more details.
Sample member communications
We provide timely and comprehensive communications to ensure access and affordability for your members, and minimized noise for your plan.
Black and yellow icon of two people high fiving.
Sample strategic planning review
At Express Scripts, we're committed to taking on your plan's toughest challenges, as well as identifying your greatest opportunities. We're here to ensure your success today and in the future - not just manage your claims. See what you can look forward to during strategic planning.
Black and orange icon of a bar chart.
Sample reporting
We supply robust and timely reporting metrics to ensure you have a clear line of sight to what's going on with your plan at all times.
Member mobile demo
Get a sneak peek of the members' experience with our mobile application. Please use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
Open enrollment web demo
Learn more about managing your pharmacy benefits through our open enrollment demo. Please use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
Icon of a black and blue monitor with medical information on-screen.
Digital tools and resources
Get real-time access to operational systems needed to administer your benefit – as well as web-based reporting and analytics, news, resources, industry information, user guides, trainings and more.

Managing trend for our clients

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we worked together with clients to solve urgent and emerging needs with innovation, agility and focus while delivering results. See a snapshot of what we were able to help our clients achieve.
Held unit cost increases to 0.9%
For the fourth year in a row, we limited the increase in drug unit costs to under 1%, despite an average increase of 4.3% in list prices for brand drugs, by leveraging therapeutic mix and supply chain.
Delivered $45 million in savings
Leveraging innovative clinical programs and leveraging data to inform key decisions, we realized significant savings for our clients in 2020.
Getting ahead of specialty growth
For the first time, spending on specialty drugs accounted for more than half of total drug spend (51%). Our solutions and capabilities helped our clients stay ahead of this growth.
Negative trend for 1/3 of our commercial clients plans
Even in 2020, one trend held. For plans that took advantage of opportunities to help patients use the right drug – in the right amount and from the right pharmacy – the result was lower spending.
Elevating health means reimagining how we partner. With open collaboration and unbiased guidance, we strive to deliver flexible, focused solutions under our new health services brand and portfolio.

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