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The future is unpredictable, but Cigna and Express Scripts believe health care doesn't have to be. And, we believe it doesn't have to be as complicated or as costly either. Our focus is clear: Together, we can deliver more simple, predictable and affordable health care – and do it better than anyone else. Let us help you future-proof your health benefits strategy and deliver on our promise to you – today and in the future.
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Thank you, JPMorgan Chase
Dave Queller
Dave Queller
President, Express Scripts
On behalf of the Express Scripts and Cigna teams, thank you for your time leading up to – and during – the finalist meeting. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share how our combined teams can support your business and your employees from both a clinical and financial outcomes standpoint.

We understand you need more than a vendor to manage your claims. You need, and deserve, a strategic, flexible and service-oriented health services partner who thinks ahead and is ready to take on your toughest health care challenges in this fragmented health care market. And, we’d be honored to be that PBM partner for JPMorgan Chase.
Preparing for what's next can be a full time job

We're here to help you stay ahead of the curve

Real results, real value: $74M in annual pharmacy savings

After reviewing your data, we identified a few key clinical areas of focus that could help JPMorgan Chase save up to $74M in annual pharmacy savings. The real value; however, also is returned back to your plan by having a healthier workforce and benefits team that is supported by a coordinated account team and armed with tools, resources and strategies that are focused on preventing adverse health events (vs. managing them) before they even occur. Click the link below to access the full clinical insights and impact summary for more details.
34.6% 34.6%
of your current spend is on specialty medications, totaling $161M. Combined, our SaveonSP copay assistance program and Medical Channel Management solution are estimated to save you $23.1M.
9% 9%
up to 9% or $44.2M of your current plan spend could be saved by reducing unnecessary spend with specialty and traditional utilization management.
47% 47%
of your plan spend is in top therapy classes such as inflammatory conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Asthma/COPD, cancer, Hepatitis C and rare conditions.
10% 10%
of your population is at risk of drug therapy-related hospitalizations and other adverse events. Our RationalMed solution provides safer use of medications and enhanced care, lowering the rate of adverse events and hospitalizations. This solution can save your plan $4.9M.
69% 69%
of nonadherence is due to behavioral issues such as procrastination or forgetting. Nonadherence to diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma within your population is costing JPMorgan Chase between $348 - $2,622 in annual gap values per nonadherent member. Closing these adherence gaps could save your plan $1.8M.
<1% <1%
of your plan's spend is for opioids totaling $2.6M. JPMorgan Chase can improve patient safety and realize $7.7M in net savings through our Advanced Opioid Management solution.
Estimated savings of $17 PMPM with Health Connect 360, SaveonSP, and other solutions deployed compared to a savings of $7 PMPM without having Health Connect 360

Even more value with Health Connect 360

Health Connect 360's impact to medical spend

$35M $35M
~1550 fewer inpatient hospital visits. If you multiply this times the average inpatient stay cost, Cigna estimates that would total about $35M in medical spend reduction.
$62K $62K
~30 fewer total ER visits, which would result in about a $62K reduction in medical spend.
We are one team with one focus and that's to support you. We would be honored to serve you and take great care of your employees.
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