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You, if anyone, knows the importance of protecting people and what's important to them. We know that your own people are your most important and valuable asset, and would be honored to serve them as your pharmacy and health services partner. We're committed to making health care more affordable, predictable and simple.
Matthew Schoenthaler
Matthew Schoenthaler
Vice President, Sales
I am looking forward to getting to know the Liberty Mutual team and connecting on how we may be able to support your business. We understand that you need more than a vendor to service your claims. You need a strategic and proactive health services partner who can take on your toughest health care challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability to help you plan for the future. We want to be your trusted partner to take great care of your team, your members and their families for years to come.

Meet the team

Our team is excited to connect with you and dig in on opportunities to improve outcomes for your members, and save money for your plan and time for your team.
Lauren Raymond
Lauren Raymond
Senior Account Executive
Eric Meyers
Eric Meyers
Senior Clinical Account Executive
Melanie Connelly
Melanie Connelly
Senior Account Manager
William Joel
William Joel
Financial Analyst
Leslie Achter
Leslie Achter
Vice President and General Manager, National Accounts

A lot has changed, but our commitment to your plan and members hasn't

A lot has changed since we've worked together – both in the market, and in advancements and innovations we've made to take improve access and affordability to prescription drugs. One thing that has not changed – and never will – is our unwavering commitment to improving the health of those we serve.
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A sneak peek at our latest innovations
Members of EAC are among the first to hear about our latest innovations, and are given the opportunity to provide feedback to shape the solutions we bring to market.
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Connect with our senior leadership
Our leaders and experts appreciate the opportunity to engage with employers at EAC, who represent the voice of our customers.
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Collaborate and network
EAC provides a chance for employers to connect with other Fortune 500 benefits leaders around the nation.

Focus on pharmacy

Carving out your pharmacy benefit with Express Scripts helps you see improved savings, specialization and more.
4.0% 4.0%
trend for our commercial clients compared to the 9.6% national weighted average1,2
32.1% 32.1%
of our commercial plans experienced negative trend in 20201
89% 89%
of Fortune 500 companies carve out3/
Open enrollment web demo
Learn more about managing your pharmacy benefits through our open enrollment demo. Please use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
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Digital tools and resources
Get real-time access to operational systems needed to administer your benefit – as well as web-based reporting and analytics, news, resources, industry information, user guides, trainings and more.

A successful partnership starts with a seamless implementation

Our mission of driving the health care industry forward is grounded in our commitment to your members – and our proven care continuity and communications strategies allow us to deliver seamless transitions for the majority of your population, with many members barely registering any change at all.
99.5% 99.5%
performance guarantees met across all lines of business
98% 98%
client implementation satisfaction rate
500+ 500+
clients implemented each year on average

Sample materials prepared for Liberty Mutual

Sample planning reviews
We're here to ensure your success today and in the future – not just manage your claims. Review a sample strategic plan.
Sample member communications
We provide timely and comprehensive communications to ensure access and affordability for your members, and minimized noise for your plan.
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Sample reporting
We supply robust and timely reporting metrics to ensure you have a clear line of sight to what's going on with your plan at all times.
Focused, flexible solutions to help you

Stay ahead of the curve

Pioneering the evolution of health care

For patients with chronic and complex conditions, how do you achieve better health without tradeoffs? You need a single platform that helps your employees with better medication adherence, higher therapy completion rates and greater compliance with clinical guidelines, all while mitigating your financial risk. SafeGuardRx® is our platform to continuously take on the most complex, high cost challenges.
72M 72M
lives covered
11 11
specialty and chronic classes covered
$6B $6B
saved in 2020

A richer specialty benefit with room to plan and grow

Patients need their specialty medications and your plan needs better affordability. SaveOnSP utilizes plan design changes to identify select drugs as non-essential health benefits, enabling maximum savings and reducing plan and member costs. See how it works.
-8.5% -8.5%
Average specialty trend among plans enrolled in SaveonSP versus 8.7% average book of business specialty trend
150+ 150+
specialty drugs covered under SaveonSP, across 19 therapy classes
$0 $0
member cost achieved by reclassifying select specialty drugs as non-essential health benefits, and enabling the maximum amount of copay assistance

Managing drug trend

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we worked together with clients to solve urgent and emerging needs with innovation, agility and focus while delivering results. See a snapshot of what we were able to help our clients achieve.
woman on tablet
Held unit cost increases to 0.9%
For the fourth year in a row, we limited the increase in drug unit costs to under 1%, despite an average increase of 4.3% in list prices for brand drugs, by leveraging therapeutic mix and supply chain.
cdc tracker
Delivered $45 million in savings
Leveraging innovative clinical programs and leveraging data to inform key decisions, we realized significant savings for our clients in 2020.
getting temperature taken
Getting ahead of the growth in specialty
For the first time, spending on specialty drugs accounted for more than half of total drug spend (51%). Our solutions and capabilities helped our clients stay ahead of this growth.
girl mental health
Negative trend for 1/3 of our commercial clients plans
Even in 2020, one trend held. For plans that took advantage of opportunities to help patients use the right drug – in the right amount and from the right pharmacy – the result was lower spending.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy fosters a culture of belonging and equity that advances our mission to positively impact the well-being of our people and the communities we serve.
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79% of employees agree that there is great DEI at our organization, outperforming other companies by more than 13%
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Committed to doubling diverse supplier spend to $1B by 2025
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Launched COVID-19 disparities project to slow the spread in three target markets with large Black and Hispanic populations
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