Member Engagement

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Simplifying care at every touchpoint

Your members’ needs are complex, but their experiences shouldn’t be. We’re committed to simplifying and personalizing our engagement with members how, where and when they prefer – all with a goal of ensuring they have access to the clinical expertise and supportive care that will lead to better outcomes for all.


Health Connect 360
Care as unique as a fingerprint

Every patient is unique. Their clinical engagement should be, too. By proactively using patient-level risk and engagement scores, we enable personalization that drives better outcomes for individual patients – and makes a guaranteed impact on plan populations.

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Connected and personalized health care is the future – and Health Connect 360 is leading the way for plans and members.

By considering patient history, needs and channel preferences, we identify the most effective care support for each individual. Using decades of data, plus predictive models, we tailor patient outreach – revising care plans if the initial engagement isn’t effective.

Population Health Managers provide additional clinical support by studying your data, reviewing suggested engagements, and keeping you informed about the best options to meet individual patient goals.

Member Website
From log in to log out, a more personalized experience
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At, members can access important information with fewer clicks, realizing consistency across digital channels and an optimal, easy member experience. 

While on the site, your members can use self-service tools to:

  • Easily order refills and renewals, and check order status

  • Access quick links from the home page to take actions without logging in

  • Check out anytime, from any page

  • Print forms and ID cards

  • Price a medication, pay bills, submit reimbursement claims and more

Member Mobile App
Better decisions – on the go
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With the Express Scripts® mobile app, your members can make better decisions for healthier outcomes – anytime, anywhere. Clear, simple functionality provides an empowering digital experience that enables instant access to personalized medication information.

Rated 4.7 stars in the Apple® App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play,TM our mobile app allows members to:

  • Conveniently order refills and see up-to-the-minute order status
  • Sign up for automatic refills and dose reminders
  • Opt in to receive drug interaction notifications, and more
Digital Health Formulary
Bringing clarity to a crowded landscape

Digital health solutions help patients take better control of their health. The marketplace is growing exponentially, with tools that promote fitness, wellness and prevention of chronic conditions, including mobile health interventions, telehealth solutions, remote monitoring devices and FDA-approved digital therapeutics that work with specific medications or medical devices.

300K+ 300K+
Digital health solutions flooding the marketplace

Our digital health formulary is a curated list of technology- and software-enabled applications and devices that prevent, manage or treat medical conditions. The digital health formulary helps payers ensure the safety, usability, clinical and cost effectiveness of digital health solutions made available to their members. 

The digital health formulary also:

  • Greatly reduces administrative burden for plan sponsors contracting and managing digital health companies

  • Helps improve affordability by leveraging our size and scale 

  • Creates a pathway to cover the rising number of prescription-only digital therapeutics coming to market 

  • Includes specialized care for specific conditions, through oversight from our Therapeutic Resource Centers®

More Opportunities
Additional ways to improve health
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Therapeutic Resource Centers

Through our one-of-a-kind care model, patients receive expert care from specially-trained clinical staff with extensive experience in specific disease states. Learn more about our one-on-one clinical consultations and other services specific to specialty patients here.

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Advanced member analytics

Each and every day, we use advanced analytics to understand what matters most to your members. Artificial intelligence technologies, specifically natural language processing and machine learning, organize and mine data from every available source. Insights drawn from member behavior allow us to address issues wherever they come up – even on social media.

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Specialty digital tools from Accredo

Through simple-to-use tools, our Accredo app, website, and texting programs give specialty patients control over their pharmacy experience. The Accredo app and website are tailored to meet the needs of our specialty patients, offering familiarity and convenience when digitally managing specialty medications.