Physician Engagement

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A better patient experience begins in the doctor’s office. To make that experience more effective and efficient, we empower physicians to make the best prescribing decisions in real time. By providing actionable, patient-specific insights and digital tools that physicians and their office staff need at the point of care, we ease their administrative burden, eliminate downstream headaches and avoid delays that prevent patients from accessing care.


Real-time access makes a real difference in prescribing decisions
49% 49%
of provider executives said improved patient experience is top priority1
30% 30%
of a physician’s time is spent in direct patient care2
16.5 16.5
minutes is the average length of a primary-care visit3

During typical patient visits, physicians have little to no visibility into patient-specific benefit information like formulary coverage, medication costs, therapeutic options and more. Until now.

ScriptVisionSM is a suite of real-time, data-driven capabilities that empower physicians to make the best prescribing choices. ScriptVision tools are seamlessly delivered within the practice’s workflow, the Electronic Health Record (EHR), including:

  • ePrescribing, including controlled substances

  • Real-time prescription benefit information: drug pricing transparency, therapeutic options and more

  • Electronic prior authorizations

  • Clinical care messages like drug interactions and high-risk medication alerts

  • Patient adherence rates

Prescribers now have visibility into patient and benefit information that can influence changes in prescribing behavior. Whether these tools are within the physicians’ workflow via their EHR or within their mobile device via our ScriptVisionTM Physician App, they lead to:

  • Better formulary compliance

  • Increased medication adherence

  • Less time waiting to start therapy

  • Happier physicians and patients

Health Connect 360
Connecting physicians when and where it counts most
26% 26%
of hospital readmissions are due to medication issues4
#3 #3
cause of death after heart disease and cancer is medical errors5

Forging new levels of personalization and precise clinical support, Health Connect360SM connects the entire care continuum, including enabling physicians to make better clinical and cost-effective decisions at the point of prescribing. 

Physicians access critical patient information directly in their workflow through their Electronic Health Record. This visibility is powered by fully integrated medical, pharmacy, lab and patient engagement data from the Health Connect 360 Care Insights Hub. Unparalleled access to real-time patient health insights raises the bar on personalized care: 

  • Bi-directional clinical alerts

  • Remote monitoring data

  • Insights from other clinicians

  • Patient out-of-pocket costs 

  • Alternative therapy options

  • Coverage alerts 

With Health Connect 360, physicians are enabled to make better clinical and cost-effective decisions in the exam room, providing in-the-moment patient care when it counts the most.

Accredo Physician Engagement Team
Strong relationships with prescribers drives better care

More than 200 physician engagement representatives across the country offer personalized service so that every physician can do the same for their patients.

Actively calling on practices in person or by phone, each representative has condition-specific knowledge which helps deliver customized experiences to each medical practice.

2 of 3 2 of 3
prescribers named Accredo as specialty pharmacy of choice

This team also brings added benefit to payers by communicating important plan decisions and information to their physician network, such as: 

  • A narrowed pharmacy network
  • Formulary updates
  • Special services and support from Accredo
  • Navigating the referral process

For the largest specialty prescribing centers, we also offer concierge programs to assist in managing the most complex specialty therapies.

More Opportunities
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Accredo Prescriber Website

A web-based portal that saves time and streamlines specialty prescribing, the Accredo site gives prescribers real-time updates on their patients’ prescription status and includes features such as an Accredo web chat. Go to Accredo Prescriber Website.

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Academic Detailing with MediCUBE

Our academic detailing pharmacists identify ways to save plans from significant unnecessary spend and improve quality metrics. Armed with the unmatched analytic power of MediCUBE® – with aggregated data on 200 million patients, 5 million providers, 5 billion medical claims and 15 billion prescription claims – we pinpoint opportunities to reduce prescribing that may add cost without adding value. Then, we work directly with physicians to inform and educate, leading to better outcomes for patients and increase savings for you. 

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