Electronic Prior Authorization
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Electronic Prior Authorizations Offer Benefits for Physicians

Electronic prior authorization gives physicians a faster, easier and more efficient method to ensure patients are prescribed the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate medications.

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Ease ePA

Digital Solutions Are Just One Way to Help Ease Physicians' Burden

More than half of physicians report having less free time than when they first started practicing. We're creating a simpler pharmacy experience to reduce administrative burden.

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Thank You, Doctors

What's Next for Electronic Prior Authorization?

Express Scripts is already working on future enhancements as ePA becomes more widespread.

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Electronic Prior Authorization: Avoiding Surprises at the Pharmacy

When physicians use Electronic Prior Authorization, patients can leave the doctor’s office with confidence in knowing their drug is approved.

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Helping Physicians by Creating a Simpler Pharmacy Experience

Industry leading, data-driven tools and programs help prescribers make the best therapy decisions for patients at the point-of-care.

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Better Solutions

Implementing Electronic Prior Authorization

Factors to consider in successfully setting up ePA.

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