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Alluma administers pharmacy benefits for your health plan. This includes prescriptions for medications that you fill at Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Mail Service, Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy or any other pharmacy in the Alluma network.

Your plan’s pharmacy benefit management services will continue to be administered by Alluma with the following changes:

  • Your health plan’s pharmacy network will continue to offer up to 64,000 pharmacies, including all major national pharmacy chains and most local independent pharmacies. 
  • Alluma Customer Service phone number will be changing to (800) 818-9290.
    Mayo Clinic members may call (877) 239-7159.
  • Log into the portal or contact our customer service for your latest formulary, which is the list of covered medications.

The following will not be changing:

  • Your health plan’s pharmacy network will continue to offer up to 64,000 pharmacies, including all major national pharmacy chains and most local independent pharmacies.

Alluma provides pharmacy benefit services nationwide and offers access to up to 64,000 pharmacies across the United States, so all major pharmacy chains and most independent pharmacies will continue to be part of your pharmacy network. It is very unlikely that you will need to transfer your prescriptions.

To locate a pharmacy in the Alluma network, use the online pharmacy search tool, available when you login to your account. You can also contact Alluma Customer Service at (800) 818-9290. Mayo Clinic members may call (877) 239-7159.

If you have an active prior authorization or benefit override approved in 2021, you do not need to do anything. Your coverage will remain in place until the expiration date.

If your prior authorization has expired, your prescriber will receive notification on how to apply for renewal.

The Alluma clinical team will continue to provide clinical review services, including prior authorization and appeal determinations. In addition, the Alluma clinical team will continue to respond to formulary inquiries and manage clinical programs on behalf of the plan.

Drug prices are always changing due to various factors such as inflation, production costs, shortages of raw materials, market entry of generic medications and other factors. Most commonly, manufacturer price increases occur in January and July.

Log in and go to Price a Medication to review your current costs for your prescription(s).

Yes, the Alluma member portal, now powered by Express Scripts, will continue to offer you the ability to manage your pharmacy benefits online, including access to plan documents, network pharmacy locations, drug pricing, forms, your formulary, and more.

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Alluma Customer Service, call (800) 818-9290

Mayo Clinic members, call (877) 239-7159