Kroger network change campaign

Kroger is leaving all standard pharmacy networks

Find a new pharmacy now to avoid higher costs

Starting in 2023, your prescriptions may not be covered if filled at a Kroger pharmacy or any of its affiliates. If you fill your prescriptions at one of these pharmacies, you could pay a higher cost for your medication.

Don’t worry, you have plenty of options

To avoid any interruption in your treatment, transfer your prescriptions to a different pharmacy today.

If you take long-term medication, you may be able to get up to a 90-day supply delivered right to your door.

Explore home delivery

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Find a pharmacy

A woman checks the label on her prescription pill bottle in her kitchen while her husband unloads groceries in the background.

It’s easy to move a prescription

Here are three ways to make the switch:

  • To use home delivery through Express Scripts® Pharmacy, log in or register, then transfer eligible prescriptions with a few clicks.

  • Or call your new pharmacy and ask them to transfer your prescription.

  • You can also ask your doctor to contact your new pharmacy with your prescription information.

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Manage all your prescriptions on the go, in one place. It's easy with the Express Scripts® app.