Losartan and Losartan/HCTZ recall - AvKare

April 30, 2019

Express Scripts did NOT dispense any lots impacted by this recall.

On April 25th 2019, AvKare announced an expanded recall on specific lots of Losartan 25mg tabs, Losartan/HCTZ 100/12.5mg tabs, and Lostartan/HCTZ 50/12.5mg tabs due to the detection of an unexpected impurity found in the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufactured by Hetero Labs Limited.

Losartan/HCTZ 100/12.5 - lot 19326, exp 3/31/19, NDC 5026851415
Losartan/HCTZ50/12.5 - lot 19454, exp 4/30/19, NDC 50268051315
Losartan 50mg - lot 19554, exp4/30/19, NDC 50268051615
Losartan 50mg - lot 20961, exp 9/30/19, NDC 50268051715
Losartan 50mg - lot 20477, exp 8/31/19, NDC 50268051715
Losartan 50mg - lot 20121, exp 6/30/19, NDC 50268051715

Last updated: March 13, 2020

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