Rx Resolutions: 6 ways to improve your health in the new year

An older woman and her son celebrate New Year’s with sparklers.

Don’t be the person still deciding on their New Year’s resolutions at 11:59 p.m. Before the confetti pops and the ball drops, resolve to have your resolutions ready.

While diet and exercise resolutions typically top the list, Express Scripts® Pharmacy suggests focusing a few of your resolutions on forming good habits relating to your medication routine and overall health.

Resolve to … ask more questions

For one reason or another, many of us are hesitant to speak up when we have questions about our prescribed medications or therapies. Don’t be! Pharmacists have clinical knowledge and skill and can play an important role in your whole health. Take time to talk with them about any questions you may have.

At Express Scripts® Pharmacy, our pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer your questions or talk through any other health issues you may be experiencing.

Resolve to … never miss a dose

The best way to see improvement in both chronic and short-term conditions is to take your medication as prescribed — the right dose at the right time in the right way. To ensure you don’t skip a dose, try using a dose reminder or taking your medication as part of your daily routine, such as brushing your teeth. Talk to your pharmacist about the best time to take your medication.

You should also consider routine home delivery — like that provided by Express Scripts® Pharmacy — so you never run out of medication due to a missed pharmacy trip.

If you’re an Express Scripts® Pharmacy customer, you can also enroll eligible medications in our automatic refill program. Your prescriptions will be refilled at the right time, so your medication will always be on hand.

Resolve to … take your medications safely

Taking medication the wrong way or without knowledge of their effects can be dangerous. Make sure you read and understand the instructions printed on your prescription label, so you can be sure you’re taking your medication exactly as intended. For example, taking certain medications on an empty stomach if you’re supposed to take them with food can reduce their effectiveness.

You’ll also want to be sure you don’t mix your medication with certain other medications or alcohol, or even engage in specific activities, like driving, if the label warns you against doing so.

Resolve to … organize your medicine cabinet

Many people find they’re more likely to take their medications properly if they have a well-organized medicine cabinet. Take some time to go through and properly dispose of any expired medications or those you’re no longer taking. For more information on discarding expired medications, check out these tips.

Resolve to … check in with your doctor

Your health can change, and your prescriptions may need to change as well. Schedule time at least once a year to go over everything you’re being prescribed. It’s a good chance to talk to your doctor about what’s working, what’s not, and what might need adjustments.

In turn, keeping all maintenance medications at a single pharmacy when possible allows your pharmacist to have the most accurate information to help keep you safe from drug interactions or other prescription-related issues. Be sure your doctor knows which pharmacy you use.

Resolve to … update your insurance information

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make sure you have your updated insurance information easily accessible in case you need to reference it. Replace the old cards with the new ones as soon as you can to save time and reduce confusion when filling prescriptions.

We hope these resolutions inspire you to set your own personal goals for developing better habits around your medication in the new year. And we wish you and your family good health and good cheer in the new year!

Posted date: December 27, 2021

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