Don’t run the risk of running out of medication

An older man empties a pill into his hand from a medication bottle.

We’ve all been there. That moment when you open your pill bottle to take your daily dose and see nothing inside. You’ve accidentally run out of medication and are unsure how to quickly get more.

While a call to your doctor or Express Scripts® Pharmacy can often solve the problem, it’s best to take steps to ensure you never experience that feeling of being without your medication again.

90 is the new 30

Many people forget to order refills on time when they’re refilling multiple prescriptions every single month. It’s natural — the more often you must do something, the more chances you have to forget.

Reduce those instances of having to remember to refill by asking your doctor to switch your eligible medications from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply. This longer timeline should give you more time to refill, ensuring you always have medication on hand.

Make your refills automatic

Cross “refill my prescriptions” off the to-do list permanently by ensuring all your eligible medications are set up for automatic refills. Your prescriptions will be refilled when it’s the right time without you having to do a thing.

If you get your prescriptions delivered by Express Scripts® Pharmacy, you can sign up for automatic refills on eligible medications right now.

Home delivery

Make your life a little simpler by having your medications delivered right to your door. Routine home delivery — like that provided by Express Scripts® Pharmacy — can be a great solution for those who run out of maintenance medication because they can’t make it to the pharmacy.

And if you’re getting your prescriptions filled by Express Scripts® Pharmacy, it’s easy to sign up for automatic refills and get a 90-day supply of your medication, further reducing the risk of running out.

Prioritize organizing

It can be hard to judge how much medication you have left when your pills are still in their original bottle. A lack of organization can increase the odds you run out or take too much of your medication.

Get a basic pill organizer that allows you to sort your pills by both the day of the week and the time of day. Fill your pillbox on the same day each week, so it becomes part of your routine. This also lets you know if you have a week’s worth of medication (or not). Be sure to keep the original medication labels as there’s important information there you may want to refer to later.

Pack it in

Oftentimes the issue isn’t so much that you ran out of medication, but that you forgot to bring it with you on vacation. Remember to add all your needed medications to your packing lists and always put them in your carry-on luggage. And here are more tips for traveling with medications.

Posted date: October 29, 2021

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