Save money with $0 generic medications (campaign)

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Save money with $0 generic medications

You’ll pay $0 for a 3-month supply of certain generic prescription strength medications when you order through Express Scripts® Pharmacy home delivery


Get the medications you need at no cost — and standard shipping is included.1

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Medications eligible for a $0 copay include all strengths of certain generic drugs.

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You won’t have to spend time shopping around or searching for coupons to save money.

See the full list of eligible generic medications. If your medication isn’t listed here, log in to your account and select “Price a Medication” under the “Prescriptions” menu to search for it.

Generic prescription strength medications eligible for a $0 copay at home delivery

Allergies Asthma

albuterol sulfate
azelastine hcl
fluticasone propionate
montelukast sodium

Antiseizure Medications



hydroxychloroquine sulfate

Blood Pressure/Heart Health

amlodipine besylate
clopidogrel bisulfate
losartan potassium
metoprolol succinate
metoprolol tartrate


metformin hcl


esomeprazole magnesium
pantoprazole sodium

High Cholesterol

atorvastatin calcium
pravastatin sodium
rosuvastatin calcium

Men’s Health

sildenafil citrate
tamsulosin hcl

Mental Health

bupropion hcl
duloxetine hcl
escitalopram oxalate
fluoxetine hcl
sertraline hcl
trazodone hcl
venlafaxine hcl

Other Medications

alendronate sodium

Vitamins and Electrolytes

ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)
potassium chloride

Women’s Health


Frequently asked questions

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has a simple search tool you can use to find the generic name for your medication. Just type in the name of your medication and select “Search.” You’ll see the generic name in parentheses next to your medication. Then, check to see if that name is on the list of eligible $0 medications.

Talk with your doctor. Ask about whether switching to a generic version of your medication is right for you. If they agree, ask your doctor to send a new electronic prescription to Express Scripts® Pharmacy home delivery. You can then set up automatic refills going forward so you never miss a fill or run out of medication.2

Enroll in automatic refills so you never miss a fill or run out of medication.2 If your medication is eligible for automatic refills, you’ll see that option when you’re logged in to your account and you can sign up then. You can always change the refill processing date to better fit your schedule.

The fastest way to transfer an existing prescription is to ask your doctor to send a new prescription electronically to Express Scripts® Pharmacy home delivery. You can then set up automatic refills going forward so you never miss a fill or run out of medication.2

You can skip the trip to the pharmacy and get your long-term medication delivered right to your door with home delivery from Express Scripts® Pharmacy.

Express Scripts® Pharmacy also offers:

  • Free standard shipping1 and reliable delivery
  • Simple, stress-free ordering and delivery updates along the way
  • Flexible payment options and automatic refills2
  • True 24/7 support from specially trained pharmacists
  • Log in or register for an account today

Brand-name medications are typically more expensive than generics. If you’re looking to save money on brand-name medications, manufacturer coupons may be available to help offset some of the costs. Express Scripts® Pharmacy currently does not accept coupons.

When you go through your pharmacy benefits, we have a complete view of your medicine cabinet. This means we can make sure you’re staying on track with your medication and remind you when it’s time for a refill or a prescription renewal. Our pharmacists also do safety checks and make sure there are no interactions between your medications.

1 Standard shipping costs are included as part of your prescription plan.
2 Not all medications are eligible for automatic refill. Some states or plans may require ongoing consent for auto-refill.