Medicare Part D Modeled Campaign

Two woman greet each other with a hug.

By the time you’re 65, you’ve picked up a thing or two

From keeping the hug going as long as you can to understanding the importance of getting the pharmacy care you deserve, your experience is paying off.

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An Express Scripts Pharmacist Smiles While Holding a Mobile Device

By the time you’re 65, you should have a pharmacy that makes time for you

Our pharmacists are always available. Talk to them anytime, day or night, to make the right decisions for your health.

Pharmacy care built around you:

  • Pharmacists trained in specific conditions, so they understand your unique health needs
  • Working with your doctor to ensure you’re getting the best possible treatment
  • Looking for ways to save you money with generic medications or other low-cost alternatives and programs that might help your health

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Get a pharmacy that gets to know you

See if we’re in your plan network

Register to check if you’re eligible to use home delivery from Express Scripts® Pharmacy with your benefits — 1 in 4 Americans are! It only takes a few minutes.

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By the time you’re 65, you should have a pharmacy committed to providing a simpler, better experience for Medicare members

Free standard shipping in discreet packaging, delivered right to your mailbox

Copays as low as $0

90-day supplies and automatic refills

Payment installment plans when you need them

A hand holds up a mobile phone open to the Express Scripts Mobile App

By the time you’re 65, you should have the ability to manage your medications anytime and anywhere

Use the Express Scripts® Pharmacy app on the go and on your schedule.

  • Order medications

  • Track deliveries

  • Schedule refills and dose reminders

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