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Yogini Patel, RPh with Express Scripts® Pharmacy.

When a patient was struggling to pay for a prescription and stay on track with her medications, one of our pharmacists stepped up to support her.

A patient called Express Scripts® Pharmacy because she was concerned about the high cost of a brand-name medication. She had experienced the benefits of taking her medication, which was prescribed to manage type 2 diabetes. But she was struggling to pay for it. At the time she called, she had been out of her medication for almost three weeks because of the high cost.

Her call was answered by Yogini Patel, a registered pharmacist who has been with Express Scripts® Pharmacy since 2009. Since then, Patel has helped many patients save money on their medications, whether it’s through generics, clinically appropriate alternatives, extended payment plans, or patient assistance programs.

One simple switch to home delivery, $6,000 in annual savings

Patel found that if the patient switched that one medication to home delivery through Express Scripts® Pharmacy, she would be able to save more than $6,000 a year.

The patient was incredibly relieved to learn she could afford her medication just by switching to home delivery. She also admitted to Patel that it was difficult to keep track of all her prescriptions — she was taking eight other long-term medications.

Providing counseling on multiple medications

Patel spent time going over each of the patient’s medications, why it was prescribed, and dosing information. The patient was so impressed with Patel’s knowledge and how easy the experience was that she decided to move her eight other medications to home delivery as well. Patel also gave her information about the automatic refill program and other ways to help her stay on track with her medications.

“I feel privileged that I’m able to offer help when patients are struggling,” said Patel. “I want them to know our pharmacists are here for them. It’s part of their benefits.”

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Posted date: June 16, 2023

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