Protecting your medications and the environment

A man holds his recently delivered prescription outside his home mailbox.

From recycling pill bottles to changing our transportation practices, we’re finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Express Scripts® Pharmacy is committed to delivering your medications to you safely, accurately, and quickly. That’s our top priority. And we’re able to deliver on that commitment — all while working to build a more sustainable future.

Beyond saving you monthly trips to the pharmacy, here’s what we’re doing on our end to support the environment.

Recycling pill bottles and more

At our four fulfillment pharmacies, we’ve implemented a recycling program that diverts plastic pill bottles and other materials from landfills. Through this program, we’ve been able to recycle nearly 1,000 tons of pill bottles, over 800 tons of cardboard, and over 3,000 wooden pallets. The materials will be used to make post-consumer recycled goods such as park benches, composite lumber, and mulch.

Delivering your medications when you need them with less pollution

Our sustainability efforts extend beyond our pharmacy sites. We’ve partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its SmartWay® program.

SmartWay encourages organizations to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution across the supply chain. The program provides us with tools to track our carbon emissions and helps us find ways we can improve our carbon footprint. All of the delivery carriers we use are registered SmartWay transport partners, so they’re committed to the same goal.

Healthier patients and a healthier planet

At Express Scripts® Pharmacy, we see the connection between the health of our patients and the health of the environment. We’ll continue to seek out opportunities that support both.

Posted date: April 20, 2022

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