Supporting a patient after a new diagnosis

Mike Martinelli, a registered pharmacist with Express Scripts® Pharmacy, in his lab coat.

When a patient was feeling overwhelmed after being diagnosed with diabetes, a pharmacist stepped in to help.

A new health diagnosis often comes with new medications, needed lifestyle changes, and a whole range of emotions for the patient. Our specially trained pharmacists understand this and are ready to provide support.

Mike Martinelli, a registered pharmacist with Express Scripts® Pharmacy, reached out to a patient after he saw she recently had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was prescribed metformin to control her blood sugar.

“Right away I got the sense that she was overwhelmed and unsure about how to manage her condition,” said Martinelli.

Martinelli shared stories about his own family members who have diabetes and the patient opened up to him. She explained that when she picked up testing supplies at her local retail pharmacy, the pharmacist there didn’t have time to show her how to test her blood sugar.

Martinelli offered to walk her through the testing process, step by step.

“She didn’t have a lot of time to talk then, so we set up a time the next day when I would call back,” Martinelli said. He even researched her particular blood glucose meter that night, since each one works a little differently.

“Diabetes is tricky,” said Martinelli. “It’s a very hands-on condition for the patient.”

The next day, Martinelli was able to guide the patient over the phone as she successfully checked her blood sugar for the first time. Her blood sugar levels were elevated, so Martinelli gave her some tips to help keep it under control, including keeping a journal of her numbers to share with her doctor.

They also discussed the importance of metformin, the new medication she was prescribed.

The patient was incredibly grateful to Martinelli and the time he spent talking to her.

“I just needed that one time, for somebody to say, ‘Let’s sit down and do this.’”

Posted date: August 05, 2022

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