How Express Scripts® Pharmacy is navigating supply chain challenges

A pharmacist double-checks a medication at Express Scripts® Pharmacy.

Managing disruptions is a part of our business model

Whether it’s a new couch for your home or your child’s favorite breakfast cereal, global supply chain issues have affected most of us in some way by now.

But what about when it comes to your prescriptions? You may be wondering if supply chain disruptions are affecting Express Scripts® Pharmacy — and if so, how we’re managing.

Whether it’s a seasonal spike in volume, a pandemic, or a natural disaster, our response team comes together from all parts of the pharmacy to ensure you get the medications you need.

Taking a proactive approach to medication supply

We monitor news and current events that could affect medication supply and act quickly, when needed.

Day to day, we use automated technology to transfer prescriptions seamlessly between our pharmacies across the country to provide the fastest delivery times and navigate potential disruptions.

Planning with our delivery carriers

Since we dispense long-term, maintenance medications, we don’t have a peak delivery season. But we know certain times of year are busier than others for our delivery carriers. So we plan for those busy times and do what we can to avoid delays.

To ensure your medication gets to you in the most efficient way, we use every national delivery carrier. We stay in contact with our delivery carriers daily and adjust our shipping methods in response to severe weather situations or other issues.

And you’ll never have to guess where your medication is. We make it easy for you to track your orders in real time by using our website or mobile app. You’ll also receive updates along the way.

Delivering peace of mind (with your medications)

As the first home delivery pharmacy in the U.S., we draw from our 35 years of experience. We continue to find new ways to improve turnaround times and plan for future potential disruptions. It’s our commitment to you to deliver your medications safely, quickly, and accurately.

Posted date: January 24, 2022

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