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Review your home delivery payments

How do I check home delivery payments information online?
To take advantage of more detailed prescription information online, anytime, register now.

Note: You can usually find your member number on your prescription drug identification card, your combined medical and prescription drug card or on a refill slip from a medication you previously filled through your home delivery pharmacy. You can find your prescription number on your refill slip or prescription bottle. Remember to enter all 12 digits. Do not enter any spaces or dashes between the 12 digits you enter, regardless of whether a space or a dash appears on your refill slip or bottle.

How do I pay for my prescription with my home delivery plan?
For your convenience, we offer the option to pay with a credit card. Or, we can bill you. You can use our online "Home delivery payments" section to view and pay your balance or update your credit card information at any time.

I paid my balance in full, yet I do not see this payment reflected in my current balance. Why?
If you have paid your balance in full or in part within the last 24 hours, your balance may not reflect this payment. Most balance information is updated within 24 hours, so you should allow 24 hours for your information to be updated. If it has been more than 24 hours and your balance does not reflect your most recent payment, please contact Express Scripts Member Services online or by calling your toll-free member services number.

Do I have to pay the entire current balance at once?
While your entire balance ultimately must be paid, you do not need to pay the entire amount at once. Rather, by selecting the "pay now" option from the balance summary screen, you may enter in the amount (if less than your complete balance) that you wish to pay. Note: Most balance information is updated within 24 hours. Please allow 24 hours for your information to update and to reflect your most recent payment.

How can I update or change my credit card information?
To update your credit card information, review details of your prescription benefit plan, or check and pay account balances, simply click the "Claims & balances" link in the left-hand menu bar then click the tab titled "Home delivery payments". For your convenience, if a balance is due, you will also see a message in the "your messages" area of your order center, which includes a link so you can easily pay your balance online.

When I review my home delivery payments online, I am only able to click on some invoice numbers for further details. Why might this be?
The home delivery payment chart shows all invoices and payments relating to your account over the past 12 months. The chart displays payment type without any need to review additional screens. For invoices, members can click on the invoice number to view the prescription (Rx) number(s), patient name(s), plan-paid amount and prescription (Rx) co-pay amount for that transaction.

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