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Ordering prescription online:

How do I order prescription refills and renewals online?
For easy-order prescription refills and renewals online, anytime, register now.

Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your member number and the prescription number(s) for the home delivery refill prescription(s) you would like to order, then confirm your order and determine whether you would like to receive an email order confirmation.

Note: You can usually find your member number on your prescription drug identification card, your combined medical and prescription drug card or on a refill slip from a medication you previously filled through your home delivery pharmacy. You can find your prescription number on your refill slip to enter all 12 digits. Do not enter any spaces or dashes between the 12 digits you enter, regardless of whether a space or a dash appears on your refill slip or bottle.

More about ordering prescription online:

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How can I tell when an item has been added to my shopping cart?
Once you add an item to your shopping cart, a summary of your order will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen in the "Your order" box. You can click on the checkout button of the "Your order" box as soon as you are ready to check out. Follow the on-screen instructions to review and complete your order.

I added something to my shopping cart by mistake. How can I remove it from my shopping cart?
You can review your order at any time after you add items to your shopping cart. At this time, you can simply select the "remove" link next to the item to delete it from your order.

Once I click "process order," how can I be sure that you have received it?
Once you choose to process your order, you will receive a confirmation page letting you know that your order has been submitted. This page includes a confirmation number for your online order that you can use to track this order's status online. You may also print this page for your records. As a registered user of this site, you will also receive an email confirmation when Express Scripts receives your order as well as an email notification when your order is shipped. For renewals, you will be notified by email of the status of your physician's authorization. Please check to make sure that you have not set your email to block any incoming messages from Incorrect email addresses or blocked domain email settings will prevent the receipt of email communication.

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How can I order prescriptions for other family members covered under my prescription plan?
You can view and order other family member's prescriptions that you do not automatically see in your order center or your prescription history by entering that person's home delivery prescription number in the "Find a prescription" area located at the bottom of the order center page or at the top of the prescription history page. Once you enter a prescription number in the space provided and click "go," you will be able to order the prescription, provided it is eligible for refill/renewal at that time. You can also check the most current status for other family members' prescriptions by entering the home delivery prescription number in the "Find a prescription" box.

I'm a first-time home delivery pharmacy user who recently registered with your site. Why don't I see any prescription information in my order center or in my prescription history?
Prescription information displayed on the website only shows home delivery pharmacy refill and renewal orders. Once you get started with home delivery, all subsequent refill and renewal prescription orders will appear in your prescription history, as well as in your order center when they are ready to be refilled or renewed. If you didn't enter a prescription number when you registered, you will need to add one to your online profile before you will be able to view prescription information online.

I mailed in my prescription, yet I don't see it in my order center or in my prescription history. What might have happened?
If more than 11 days have passed since you mailed your prescription(s) and you still have not received your order, please call us at your toll-free Member Services number. If it has been less than a week, please remember that you need to allow 5 to 11 days for normal mail delivery. Most orders are filled and shipped within 48 hours of receipt.

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My new prescription was received but not filled. Why?
We screen every new prescription for interactions and side effects that may affect your health. In addition, we take into account the dispensing rules set by your prescription benefit plan. This is part of the typical process and may take several days. In a small number of cases, we may not be able to fulfill your order as requested. In these situations, we will return your original prescription to you unfilled with an explanation of why we were unable to process your request. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at your toll-free Member Services number.

Sometimes when I place a home delivery prescription order, my entire order does not arrive at once or from the same pharmacy address. Why is that?
In some cases, if a prescription is ordered before it is eligible to be refilled, Express Scripts will hold that prescription at its pharmacy until it can be released to you. In other cases, your prescriptions may be coming from one or more of Express Scripts' home delivery pharmacies. Often, Express Scripts dispenses refill prescriptions from a separate location than new prescriptions, which may be a reason for receiving separate packages.

I used the confirmation email I received from Express Scripts to link to order status on the site. Later, I tried to use the link again and it did not work. Why?
The link provided in the email confirmation remains active for 30 days. After 30 days, you will not be able to view your prescription order status. You can; however, view the status of your home delivery prescriptions by logging in to our site and selecting order status from the left-hand menu.

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May I cancel an order? Yes, however, you can only cancel prescriptions that are being held in our pharmacy and that are not yet eligible for processing. These orders are shown as "Pending." To cancel a pending order, click the cancel prescription link.

If you later want to order a medication that you have previously canceled, you or your doctor may be required to provide a new, valid prescription. You will be notified prior to completing the cancellation process if this applies to your prescription.

What happens if I want to return a medication?
If you need to return a medication to Express Scripts, you should first contact Member Services to discuss the reason for the return (for example, damage to the package). One of our Member Services representatives will review your request. If you have any questions about the medication, you may speak to one of our registered pharmacists. Afterward, if you still want to return the medication, Member Services will send you a preaddressed, postage-paid envelope in which to mail the medication to Express Scripts.

Can I receive a refund or credit for a returned medication?
Please note that we cannot reuse medication that has been returned to us and must destroy it. As a result, we are usually unable to honor requests for refunds or credits. If you need to return a medication because of damage, we will send you a replacement supply at no charge. (The replacement will not count against your number of refills.) In general, if you are considering returning your medication, we recommend that you contact Member Services first.

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What happens to a medication after it's been returned to Express Scripts?
When the medication arrives, we destroy it, as required by law, and we keep a record of its destruction.

What happens if I return a medication without contacting Express Scripts?
Sometimes we receive a returned medication that is not in a preaddressed, postage-paid envelope. When that happens, we attempt to contact the member to learn the reason for the return and to find out whether any problems exist. If the package comes back to us as undeliverable, we try for 3 days to confirm the member's current address so that we can reship the medication promptly. If we are unsuccessful in contacting the member, we hold on to the medication for a minimum of 2 weeks before destroying it.

Can I return a controlled substance?
By law, we may not accept or request the return of controlled substances, except under very specific circumstances, such as brand-to-generic substitutions or managed care interventions. If these circumstances do not exist, then we may not accept such medications for destruction; they must be disposed of by you (or, if applicable, a caregiver).

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What is Express Scripts' online refill reminder program and how does it work?
Express Scripts' refill reminder program is designed to remind plan members to refill or renew and continue to take important medications, specifically medications that are for chronic conditions for which there may not always be signs and symptoms of illness.

Examples of the types of medications included in Express Scripts' refill reminder program are medications used to treat:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart conditions
  • Depression
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes

Not all medications are eligible for reminder. Medications that are eligible, however, are identified with a blue envelope icon. To take advantage of Express Scripts' online refill reminder program, your health plan sponsor must first permit access to the program. If you do not receive refill reminders, your plan sponsor may not currently permit access to our online refill reminder program or your medication may not be eligible for the program.

Express Scripts will send a refill reminder early enough for you to re-order your prescription online. To help ensure that you receive our email communication, please make sure that the email address you entered is correct. Please check to make sure that you have not set your email program to block any incoming email from Incorrect email addresses or blocked domain email settings will prevent the receipt of email communication.

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