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How do I order prescription refills and renewals online?

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More about prescription refills:

What is the difference between a refill and a renewal?
A refill is the continuation of an existing prescription. Eligible refill prescriptions are shipped directly to you after you place your prescription order.

Renewal prescriptions are necessary once a prescription has no refills remaining or it has expired. A renewal prescription requires approval from your physician or healthcare professional. Once your physician has approved and written a new prescription to continue therapy, you may send it to Express Scripts for processing. For your renewal to be processed, your physician must respond to our fax request for authorization. We recommend that you make your physician aware that you are taking advantage of our home delivery pharmacy, and to expect a fax from Express Scripts. You will receive an email confirmation for your renewal request. Please allow 48 hours for your physician to review this request. Should your physician deny your renewal request, you should contact him/her directly for further assistance.

Renewal requests are only accepted for prescriptions that are more than one year old and that have been previously dispensed by Express Scripts. To help protect our patients, certain medications are excluded from our renewal program and require you to contact your physician directly.

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What is the difference between refilling a prescription and renewing a prescription?
When a prescription is written, your physician may include refills. If you have remaining refills, you can continue to get that prescription filled until you exhaust the number refills or the prescription expires. Once you run out of refills or the prescription expired, you will need to renew your prescription. Many prescriptions expire after 1 year, however, depending on the specific medication, the expiration timeframe of the prescription may vary.

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When I'm on the site, how will I know if I have prescriptions that are ready for refill or renewal?
Each time you visit the site and log in, you will automatically see any prescriptions that are eligible to be refilled or renewed in your order center, under the heading "Prescriptions you can order today." If you do not see a prescription listed, but think that it is ready for refill or renewal, you can use the "Find a prescription" feature located at the bottom of the page to find the prescription you are looking for.

I want to refill/renew a prescription but I do not see it listed in my order center. How can I order this prescription?
If you don't see a home delivery prescription in the "Prescriptions you can order today" section of your order center, you may search for it using the "Find a prescription" feature located at the bottom of the Order Center page. You may also select the "Prescription history" link located in the left-hand menu bar in the "Prescriptions & benefits" section or within the order center to view up to 18 months of home delivery prescription history. Remember, only prescriptions that are eligible for refill or renewal today are listed within your Order Center.

If you still do not see your prescription, be sure to check the prescription number you are entering to make sure it is current and accurate.

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