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Prescription renewals:

How do I order prescription refills and renewals online?

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More about prescription renewals:

What is the difference between refilling a prescription and renewing a prescription?
When a prescription is written, your doctor may include refills. If you have remaining refills, you can continue to get that prescription filled until you exhaust the number of refills or the prescription expires. If you run out of refills or the prescription expires, you will need to get a new prescription from your doctor. Many prescriptions expire 1 year from the date the prescription was written. Depending on the specific medication, the period of expiration may vary. However, some medications cannot be refilled or renewed online; for example, narcotics may require a new prescription from your doctor.

Why would I need to renew a prescription?
If your doctor requires you to continue taking a prescription medication, but the prescription no longer has any refills or the prescription has expired, you will need to renew by obtaining a new prescription.

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What is needed to renew a prescription?
Renewing your prescription online is easy. Since the information about your prescription is already available (prescribing doctor, drug name, strength, dosing, etc.), the Express Scripts PharmacySM is often able to contact your doctor for you in order to renew your prescription. Please log in to the website and locate your medication name, then add your renewal to your shopping cart and complete your order. If there are any changes in your prescription, such as your prescribing doctor, medication strength, dosing, etc., do not renew your prescription online. You'll need to get a new prescription from your doctor. (There may be other circumstances where you may need to meet with your doctor to get a new prescription.) Once you've obtained a new prescription, have your doctor fax the renewal using our fax form (if permitted), or mail in the new prescription with the home delivery form.

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How do I renew a prescription I fill through home delivery?
Many prescription renewals can be initiated online. Renewals can be processed through the "Order center" or "Prescription history" section of this website. Due to regulations, some medications require a written prescription to be renewed and will not be available for renewal online.

If you do not renew online, your doctor must write a new prescription. You can submit this new prescription one of two ways:

  1. By mail - Print a copy of your home delivery form found under the "Forms " section of this website. Mail your prescription and your completed form to the address on the form.
  2. By fax - Print a copy of the fax form found in the "Forms " section of this website. Take this fax form to your doctor's office. Or, your doctor may call 1 888 327-9791 to request the fax form. Only your doctor can fax a prescription to Express Scripts. (Note: Certain prescriptions cannot be faxed due to state and federal dispensing regulations. Please check with your doctor.)

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What if I cannot renew my prescription online?
Due to dispensing guidelines, not all prescriptions can be renewed online. If your prescription is not available for renewing online, or your doctor has not approved a previous renewal request, a new written prescription will be required from your doctor. Once you've obtained a new prescription, mail it with the home delivery form. If permitted, your doctor may also fax the renewal using our fax form.

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